Dec 282016

Hello friends!  I can’t believe how fast 2016 went, can you?  It feels like one of the fastest years I’ve ever experienced!  I hope yours was an enjoyable year!  It was a pretty eventful year for Mr. Bingley and me.  Here are some highlights:

1. We became extreme homebodies in our new home…where we spend most our nights and weekends in pajamas cooking and eating and snuggling on the couch!

Mr. Bingley looking like Mr. Darcy! O_o

2. Netherfield Nook has been built at last… and I couldn’t be happier for my lovely books to have such a lovely home!

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Jan 012016

Summary and Awards1

As the chapter of 2015 comes to a close I just wanted to say how thankful I am for all the wonderful authors, bloggers, and readers who made 2015 such a great year!  In my personal life there was a lot going on (short version: we made big decisions about our businesses, moved them into their own office space, moved into an apartment for 9 months, and then bought our first house!) and sometimes it was stressful and crazy!

I’m so grateful that through it all I could retreat into this lovely Austenesque world where authors write about my favorite characters and readers come together and discuss Jane Austen and books!  Authors, this year more then others your books were an escape and refuge for me.  THANK YOU!


Mr. Bingley is thankful too!

I greatly appreciate all of you who took time out of your busy day to drop in and read my posts and share your thoughts!  I may not have been around a lot to respond, but seeing your comments and opinions always made me smile and forget the craziness of my life.  Thank you for sharing in our adventures this year and for all the support and kind words!

Thank you my dear, darling friends! <3


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Jan 012015

Summary and Awards1

It is a new year, my Austenesque friends!  And one of my favorite things to do at this time is look back and reflect on the previous year.  What did I do in 2014?  How much was accomplished?  What were my favorite things about 2014?

In 2014, Mr. Bingley and I did a little bit less traveling than I did in 2013.  But the trips we went on were quite a big deal! 🙂  First in January we went back for a second visit to Colombia to see our wonderful family there!

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