Nov 032017


Hi friends!  Happy November to you!  I’m still wondering what happened to October…did someone it the fast-forward button?

As per our usual, Mr. Bingley and I have been keeping busy with work this month (but happily we’ve had a little bit of a break from the busyness/craziness of September!)

So Mr. Bingley got himself a new toy….

And we’ve been having some fun with it.

Look who wants to go to the beach now… (Typically I am the one always ready for the beach, and Mr. Bingley is the one who needs to be persuaded to come!) Continue reading »

Nov 012017

Hi friends!  I am so excited to welcome a new author to Austenesque Reviews today!  As you may have already seen, Riana Everly is in the midst of celebrating her debut release, Teaching Eliza!!  As a big fan of My Fair Lady (It is one of my all-time favorite movies/musicals!), I’m so thrilled to see this new release that mashes up the George Bernard Shaw play, Pygmalion with Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice!  Today Riana has kindly answered some questions about her new release, Teaching Eliza!  We hope you enjoy!

What inspired you to combine Pride and Prejudice and Pygmalion?

First, I’m a huge musical theatre fan, and that includes movie musicals. I grew up listening to Eliza Doolittle singing about “a room somewhere,” and telling Henry Higgins “just you wait.” I also love the theatre, and I’ve seen Pygmalion on stage twice. The first time was in London, more years ago than I want to think about, and the second time was just last year at the marvelous Shaw Theatre Festival in Niagara-on-the-Lake. This latter production was set in the present, with computer screens and iPads and modern dress, and it worked. It worked beautifully. I find Jane Austen is like that as well. Her stories are gems of the Regency period in England, but they are not limited to that time. They are such distillations of the human experience that they translate beautifully into different times and genres. Anyone who has read a modern P&P variation will know exactly what I mean. Continue reading »