Aug 082016

EdenbrookeMade My Heart Flutter, Pound, and Melt!!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Source: Purchased

TYPE OF NOVEL: Traditional Regency Romance

SETTING: Bath and Kent, England 1816

MAIN CHARACTERS: Marianne Daventry (country-loving, artless, fond of twirling, and not an elegant lady) and Philip Wyndham (charming, flirtatious, devastatingly handsome and full of secrets)

SYNOPSIS: Marianne and her twin sister, Cecily, receive invitations to a beautiful estate called Edenbrooke. While Marianne, who finds Bath dull and suffocating, is simply excited to spend some time in the country amongst nature, Cecily is sure this trip will lead to a marriage proposal from Lord Wyndham, heir to Edenbrooke, whom she’s met in London. Marianne first couple of days at Edenbrooke are ones of blissful happiness and budding friendship. But when Cecily arrives and the truth unravels, Marianne desperately wishes to leave paradise known as Edenbrooke. Continue reading »

May 132016

Mary GreenAn Original Regency Romance Inspired by Jane Austen

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Publisher

Having read and adored Melanie Kerr’s first release – Follies Past – a Pride and Prejudice prequel, I was super excited to learn that she was soon releasing a new book. This time an original Regency Romance about an unfortunate orphan coming of age. Since what I loved most about Ms. Kerr’s first book was her original character, Clare Langford (Miss Darcy’s companion), and her storyline, I longed to see what Ms. Kerr would do with an entirely new cast of characters all of her own creation.

The heroine of our story is Mary Green, who like Fanny Price and Jane Eyre, is the unfortunate poor relation taken in by relatives. While she is fed, given a room (ahem! the nursery), and clothed (in her cousins’ cast-offs), Mary is never treated with kindness or affection. Her unmarried aunt and the two daughters of her benefactor are always sure to mark a distinction in her relationship to the family. She is the obscure orphan with no prospects who is often treated with neglect and mockery. With little happiness in her life, Mary often dreams of becoming the wife of a humble curate or being hired as a governess for a middle-class family. At nearly the age of twenty-one, she hopes to soon escape these mean-spirited, squabbling sisters, her malicious aunt, and her absent benefactor (sounds similar to Cinderella, doesn’t it?) Continue reading »

Feb 242016

The Painter's DaughterMy New Favorite from Julie Klassen!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy form Publisher

In her latest Inspirational Regency romance, Julie Klassen brings readers to Devonshire, England in the year 1815 where we find an artist’s daughter, Sophie Dupont, who fell in love with a visiting artist but now finds herself abandoned and in a bit of a delicate predicament. Like Marianne Dashwood, Sophie believed herself loved, and though the words were “never absolutely” spoken, she expected that her lover would declare himself and marry her. Sadly for Sophie, this didn’t happen. Instead the man who stole her heart, Wesley Overtree, jumped at a fortuitous opportunity to travel to Italy and paint. In a mad rush to be off, Wesley didn’t say good-bye in person, he just left a brief note with no declarations or promises.

On a mission to find his older brother, Captain Stephen Overtree travels to Lynmouth in hopes of convincing Wesley to come home and help their ailing father by assuming his estate responsibilities. However, he doesn’t find Wesley, he instead finds Sophie and is quick to guess her relationship with his brother and the situation she now finds herself in. As readers will soon find out, Stephen Overtree is a most honorable and responsible man. He feels it is his duty to help Sophie out. There isn’t time to travel to Italy and bring Wesley back, so Stephen does the only thing he can think of and offers marriage and the protection of his name to Sophie himself. Continue reading »