Dec 232016

Pemberley is Ambushed by Uninvited Guests!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author

Eagerly anticipating a peaceful and private first Christmas together, Elizabeth Darcy has the greenery hung around Pemberley a little early, even though is supposedly unlucky to do so. But her ideas of a quiet Christmas season are ruined when a horde of uninvited family members come to avail of themselves of Pemberley’s hospitality!

Mr. and Mrs. Bennet are the first to arrive because Mrs. Bennet is convinced the French will soon attack England, and that the farther north she goes the safer she will be. Georgiana arrives unexpectedly to escape Lady Catherine and her unbearable matchmaking. But that ends up backfiring as the old dragon follows her to Pemberley with two suitors in tow! A concerned Colonel Fitzwilliam travels to Pemberley to ascertain Georgiana’s well-being. And last but not least, the Wickhams descend upon Pemberley, thinking their presence most desired and their welcome assured. What can Darcy and Elizabeth do but try to entertain all these hard-to-please guests and pray that they will depart before Twelfth Night… Continue reading »

Sep 072016

Yes, Mr. DarcyA Wonderful Meet Cute for Darcy and Elizabeth!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Source: Gift from Author

In this novella-length variation, Mr. Bennet looks favorably on Mr. Collins pursuit of Elizabeth, and does not allow Elizabeth to consider rejecting his proposal. Having been negligent in preparing for the future, Mr. Bennet decides this is the best way to ensure protection and support for his wife and other daughters. Elizabeth has a very bleak outlook on her future and her small ray of happiness is traveling with her beloved aunt and uncle to Derbyshire before any marriage arrangements officially begin. While there, Elizabeth encounters a heartbroken young girl who is grieving the loss of someone important in her life and desperately needing some advice and counsel. Elizabeth, with quiet sympathy, listens to the young girl’s despair and recent troubles and tenderly provides some comfort.

Elizabeth never suspects that her kindness and compassion greatly effect and impress the young girl’s older brother who overheard the endearing exchange. So much so that he continued for months to look for her all around Derbyshire, Lambton, and London. Only to find her where he least expected to… Continue reading »

Sep 022016

stars in moroccoMr. Darcy Comes Full Circle

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Publisher

In J. Marie Croft’s latest charming effusion of fancy she presents a short, novella-length Pride and Prejudice variation told solely from Mr. Darcy’s point-of-view as he attends his second Meryton Assembly (taking place just one year after he made his oh-so-memorable first encounter with Meryton society). Both Mr. Darcy and his lovelorn friend, Mr. Bingley, attend this assembly in the hopes of reacquainting themselves with the Bennet sisters and securing their hearts’ desires. Mr. Darcy does not know how Elizabeth will react towards him but has given himself the task of: asking her to dance, showing her he can be civil, and determining if there is any hope for a future together.

And while Darcy makes every effort to be sociable, scowl less, and dance with slighted ladies, on the inside his mind is a place of anxiety, doubt, and turmoil! LOL! And readers are privy to every deprecating, castigating, and disparaging thought! Continue reading »