Apr 042018

Hi friends!!  I’m so very excited to have the lovely Jenetta James visit my blog today to celebrate her new release, Lover’s Knot!  I absolutely adored The Elizabeth Papers which had a bit of an air of intrigue to it so I’m super excited to read her latest which introduces a mysterious death at Netherfield!!! I hope you enjoy this lovely Q&A Jenetta so kindly put together!

Firstly – thank you Meredith for having me to visit Austenesque Reviews for an interview. It is always an honour to feature on this splendid blog and I’m thrilled to be back here as part of the Lover’s Knot blog tour.

What is Lover’s Knot about?

Lover’s Knot is a murder mystery and variation story combined. It asks what would have happened to the love story in Pride & Prejudice if it was effectively interrupted by a murder at an important moment in the narrative. So, when Lizzy is staying at Netherfield to tend Jane, a crime is committed in the house and that changes everything. It sends our characters, and particularly Mr. Darcy on a new trajectory where love and truth are linked and to achieve personal happiness, he must put himself out for others and assume the role of sleuth. It is written in the first person present tense from the perspective of the man himself.

First person, present tense – what is that all about?

The whole story (apart from the postscript) is Mr Darcy in the present. The idea is that the reader lives the story through the lens of his experience and in the moment. I hoped to convey a sense of immediacy and closeness to him as a narrator. The idea with Lover’s Knot is that it is a mystery which Mr. Darcy has to work out – but it is also a journey on which he learns about himself, and of course his love for Elizabeth. So I hope that the way it is written helps to underline that. I’ll have to wait to see how successful readers believe it really is:-) Suddenly Mrs. Darcy is a first person story – but I have never written in the present tense before – and it was a bit of an experiment. Sustaining that was quite hard work and gave my poor editor lots to correct! Continue reading »

Mar 192016

The Disappearance of Georgiana DarcyA True Gothic Romantic Adventure!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Source: Purchased

TYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL: Pride and Prejudice Sequel, Mystery, Adventure

TIME FRAME: Two years after the close of Pride and Prejudice, seven months after the close of Christmas at Pemberley (by Regina Jeffers)

MAIN CHARACTERS: Mr. and Mrs. Darcy, Major General Edward Fitzwilliam, Georgiana Fitzwilliam, George Wickham, Dolina and Domhnall MacBethan


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Mar 112016

The Netherfield Affair1Some Strange Things Are Happening at Netherfield!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author

TYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL: Novella, Variation, Mystery

TIME FRAME: Jane’s visit to Netherfield – her and Elizabeth’s return home

MAIN CHARACTERS: Elizabeth and Jane Bennet, Mr. Darcy, Charles and Caroline Bingley, Wicked George, Tilly the maid


  • A New Author: Penelope Swan has released 7 Austenesque books so far and I haven’t read any!
  • A Hint of Mystery: Anyone who has seen my Nancy Drew collection would know that I definitely enjoy a dash of intrigue and a bit of puzzle-solving with my stories!
  • The Name of the Series: Dark Darcy…sounds very ominous!

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