Oct 072016

The Rainbow PromiseThe Sequel Fans Asked For!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author

(Note: Potential readers should be made aware that although this is a standalone novel, more pleasure and understanding may be derived from reading Rainy Days prior to this work.)

TYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL: A sequel to Lory’s Pride and Prejudice variation, Rainy Days

TIME FRAME: The day after the Darcys’ wedding through their first 4 months of marriage (+ epilogue)


The newly married Mr. and Mrs. Darcy currently reside in town in anticipation of the Season. While Elizabeth may want to escape to the beautiful environs of Pemberley, she can’t. It is important for her to be accepted as Mrs. Darcy, and in order for that to happen she must dress impeccably, be seen at society events, and attend her first ball at Almack’s. Lucky for Lizzy she has the fervent love of her devoted husband, the guidance of Lady Matlock, and the support of many of her closest relations as she makes her debut. Continue reading »

Aug 172016


Hello readers!  I am so excited to welcome back author Lory Lilian to Austenesque Reviews today!  As you may have seen, not too long ago Lory released a sequel (The Rainbow Promise) to one of her most beloved Pride and Prejudice variations – Rainy Days (one of my faves)!  In her guest post, Lory brings up one of our favorite topics, Mr. Darcy!Lory Lilian 

Dear Meredith, thank you for the opportunity to visit your blog again; it is always a pleasure to be here. Oh, and Happy Birthday one day late. Hope it was a wonderful and sweet one!

For today’s post, I planned to talk about something that has held my interest for a long time. In fact, I want to address a question for which I still do not have the right answer: Why do we love Darcy so much? Why can’t we have enough of him? What spell are we under that our interest is immediately roused at the mere mention of his name?

I know, I knowthe “problem” has been addressed many times. There have been sooooooo many articles and debates in the last year about the appeal of Darcy, the Darcy effect, and so on. So why ask it again? Continue reading »

Aug 032016


Oh my!  Did July even happen?!? I feel like I was just treading water all month long.  We had a very big event at our music studio this past Saturday and preparing and organizing it all kept me a good deal busier than I anticipated!  I’m looking forward to things feeling a little slower and more relaxed in August!


What have I been up to besides work?  I’ve attended a good number of Mr. Bingley’s gigs (I love hearing him play!) Continue reading »