Aug 042010

Where Difficult Decisions Abound!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author

(Note: Potential readers should be made aware that this is the third book in the Mercy’s Embrace series, and that it is necessary to read book 1 and 2 prior to reading this one.)

Elizabeth Elliot, suffering from a lack of financial freedom, enduring the scorn of malicious Bath gossips, and feeling the bitter betrayal of her closest friend and confidante, finds herself impelled to make a decision about her future. One thing is for certain, she must marry. Elizabeth is tired of being a burden to her sister Anne, and since her father can no longer support or provide for her she must find someone who can! The question is: who should she marry? Should she risk her heart and marry for love? Or should it be a marriage of convenience and mutual disdain? The Lady Must Decide…

Meanwhile, Lady Russell is having second thoughts about her madcap mission to save Sir Walter from his creditors. Will Sir Walter appreciate the great sacrifice she is making to save his hide? Is this undertaking worth the price of losing her loyal and devoted butler? Once again, The Lady Must Decide…

Back in Bath, Charles Musgrove has suddenly become aware that the inclinations of heart don’t tend towards his wife. Should he spend the rest of his life living with a woman who doesn’t possess his heart? Or should he forsake honor and duty and pursue the woman who does? Yet again, The La- er…I’m mean The Gentleman Must Decide… Continue reading »

Jun 282010

Elizabeth Elliot is in Love!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author

So Lively a Chase, book two in Laura Hile’s remarkable Mercy’s Embrace trilogy, recommences with our heroine, Elizabeth Elliot, swimming in a sea predicaments and trials, both of her own-making and her father’s. In addition to constantly fending off her indefatigable and unwanted suitors, Elizabeth now has to contend with a household full of people (Anne and Mary have returned to Bath with their husbands) who are all highly suspicious of her habits and altered behavior. And to top it all off, Elizabeth has found herself to be in love – deeply and resolutely in love – with Patrick Gill, a man of no fortune or rank. What our humbled heroine doesn’t know is that Mr. Gill has deceived her and is not the fortuneless and lowly clerk she believes him to be.

Meanwhile, our dashing and devastatingly handsome hero, Admiral McGillvary, is striving to escape from his own tangled web of lies and waiting for the perfect opportunity to come clean and confess his true identity to Elizabeth. Will that moment ever come? Continue reading »

Jun 022010

The Evolution of Elizabeth Elliot

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Source: Purchased

The beautiful, haughty, and expensive Elizabeth Elliot is determined to be married before her rapidly approaching thirtieth birthday. The family’s dire financial situation and the fact that both her younger sisters are no longer single increases Elizabeth’s desire to be wed. For Elizabeth, “a man needs three qualities in order to be considered a matrimonial prize…good breeding, good looks, and a good income.” While on the lookout for this “matrimonial prize” Elizabeth encounters a wide variety suitors, some more eligible than others.

Unfortunately, in one way or another, all these marriageable prospects are disagreeable choices for Elizabeth. First there is the lecherous Sir Henry Farley, who is old enough to be her grandfather and has a invalid wife still living. Then there is Mr. Rushworth, a wealthy young man, albeit a bit doltish, who will soon be in the market for a new bride as soon as his divorce is final. (sound familiar? I love that a Mansfield Park character is appearing in the pages of a Persuasion sequel!) Although Rushworth seems quite smitten with her, Elizabeth fears she will be unable to marry such a foolish man, no matter how wealthy he is. Lastly, Mr. Elliot has returned to Bath, and seems to be intently pursuing Elizabeth, but she loathes the sight of him. Continue reading »