Apr 252016

unfrontSpies and Speculation

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Publisher

CIA, the Cold War, counterintelligence spies? Doesn’t sound like your typical Pride and Prejudice retelling, does it? Oh no, my friends, it certainly is not!

Freshly minted officer Elizabeth Bennet, who specializes in linguistics, is assigned a covert mission to investigate the famous and memorably arrogant William Darcy. Chosen because of her fluency in Hungarian, Elizabeth travels to Budapest to be Darcy’s interpreter, all the while studying his actions to determine if he is indeed a double agent botching up missions and leaking information to the enemy.

Very true to their natures, Darcy and Elizabeth don’t think very much of each at their first meeting. Darcy assumes Elizabeth is too “wet-behind-the-ears” and Elizabeth believes he is an infuriating jerk with no heart. Now of course, Elizabeth’s opinion may be slightly colored by the incriminating tale she heard from fellow counterintelligence officer, George Wickham. Who was quick to share how Darcy’s actions (and inaction) in Prague, makes him believe Darcy might be going rogue… Will Elizabeth be able to discover the truth or is Darcy’s career in the CIA virtually over? Continue reading »

Feb 102016


Hello readers!  I am so very excited to welcome back author, Karen Cox to Austenesque Reviews!  If you aren’t familiar with Karen Cox’s work, I entreat you to rectify that immediately!  She writes some brilliant, inventive, and award-winning Austenesque literature!  At the moment she is celebrating her newest IMG_2711release, Undeceived (which I am dying to read!)  Today, Karen shares with you a fun and informative list of what she learned while researching Undeceived!

Thanks, Meredith, for inviting me to Austenesque Reviews! I always love coming here to connect with other fans of Jane.

On my author blog, I have a feature called “The 5 Best…” The 5 best what, you ask? It could be anything: 5 Best Men’s Voices, or Songs that Tell Stories, or Internet Venn Diagrams, or the 5 Best Things about Mr. Darcy.

The writing of “Undeceived” was a steep learning curve, and I learned a lot—about writing, most definitely, but also about history, geography, cultures, and the world. So here are the…

unfront5 Best Things I learned while researching Undeceived

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Feb 032016


Hi friends!  I hope your month is off to a lovely start and that winter isn’t too brutal near where you live!  I know there’s been a good amount of snow, but hopefully all our friends survived the storms with a large supply of books and electricity!!

Mr. Bingley and I have been enjoying Netherfield a lot and taking on some new projects and purchases!  One of them being a bed from IKEA.  This was our first experience with IKEA and I must say, Mr. Bingley did a fabulous job!  I love our new bed!

As you can see I was super instrumental in this endeavor…by  keeping hubby company and reading!

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