Jul 222015


Hello dear readers, today Austenesque Reviews is once again excited to welcome back author Jack Caldwell, who is publishing a new and unique Austenesque series.  Jack has thoughtfully prepared a little Q&A to share with you today,which I, myself, very much enjoyed reading!  I hope you enjoy learning more about Jack, his writing, and his new novels –Bourbon Street Nights and Elysian Dreams!

I understand that in 2015, you have four books coming out. Not only that, but it’s a project near and dear to your heart. Can you tell our readers something about CRESCENT CITY?


To put it simply, CRESCENT CITY is my 300,000 word argument why New Orleans matters.

This all started in 2006. Some of your readers may know that my wife, Barbara, and I are Hurricane Katrina victims. We lived near New Orleans and were there during the storm. Our house survived, but our jobs did not. Work brought us to Wisconsin, and while there, I heard one too many know-it-all talking head on TV proclaiming that New Orleans should be abandoned after the storm, because it was “under water.”

Now among other things, New Orleans is home to the largest bulk port in the United States. Most of the crops and grains exported by the US to nations around the globe flow through that port. Without this facility, not only would countless farmers in America lose their livelihoods, millions of people world-wide would starve. Continue reading »

Jul 032015


It is crazy to think that June is already over and that summer is going so fast!  I feel like it has just begun! 🙂  There has been a lot going on for Mr. Bingley and I this month, we’d love to give you an update!

We had a fantastic time in NYC for Mr. Bingley’s birthday!

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We saw Jim Parsons live on Broadway in An Act of God (as well as The Lion King and Chicago).  All shows were magnificent!  Went on an awesome boat tour around Manhattan, trekked through a large portion of Central Park, and ate lots of awesome food!  Two new places we went out of our way to eat at were Colombia in Park Slope and Bantam Bagels.

We are staying out of the ocean for the time being… Continue reading »

Apr 142014

The Companion of His Future LifeMary and Mr. Collins – It Just Works!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author

Have you ever felt that Mr. Collins ended up with the wrong character in Pride and Prejudice? He is attracted to Jane’s and Elizabeth’s beauty and Charlotte’s agreeable nature, but he completely overlooks plain Mary, who, with her preference of sermons, serious nature, and fondness for counseling others, would perhaps be the ideal candidate. I’ve always wondered if Mr. Collins ever thought of Mary Bennet, if he even noticed her. Did he see their compatibility and ignore it? In Jack Caldwell’s newest novel he explores what happens when Mr. Collin’s sees Mary and proposes to her instead of Elizabeth…

So how does Mary marrying Mr. Collins change the story for the other characters, you ask? Well, the Netherfield party still departs to London, but because her sister is soon to be married, Jane Bennet doesn’t venture there herself. She instead accompanies Elizabeth on a long visit to Hunsford Parsonage (that’s right, no Maria Lucas!). Where we learn that Mary and Anne de Bourgh don’t remain indifferent acquaintances with each other, but instead become fast friends.  Continue reading »