Jun 282017

Hello readers!  I’m real excited to welcoming back author J. L. Ashton to Austenesque Reviews today!  Jan is here celebrating her second novel release –Mendacity and Mourning!! Woot woot!  Unlike A Searing Acquaintance, which takes place in modern-day, Mendacity and Mourning, takes readers back to the Regency Era for what sounds like a hilarious and fun ride!  We hope you enjoy this special vignette Jan created for this tour!

Thanks so much for hosting me and Mendacity & Mourning here at Austenesque Reviews, Meredith! I so appreciate the opportunity to share little bit more of the quirky universe of characters in the book, so here is an outtake with two of my favorite Bennets.

Lydia And Kitty, The Knowledgeable Twosome

“Weddings breakfasts are my very favourite gathering,” exclaimed Kitty. Her eyes swept around the room, taking in the merry assemblage of family and neighbours and the long tables covered with a feast of Cook’s best dishes. “All is so cheery and gay.”

Her attention was drawn in particular by one lady, fashionably dressed and standing stiffly among a group of Lucases and Gouldings. “Miss Bingley is not pleased by the day’s happy events,” she sighed. “She must pine for her own happily ever after.” Continue reading »

Jun 052017


Happy Summer, everyone!  With daily temps in the 80s it feels like summer is officially here in North Carolina!

There are some other signs that summer is here…

1. I’m reading more outside!  During the summer I try to go to the beach every couple of days. I love the water, the sand, and the sun!  This year I’ve made it a goal to bring 20 different books to the beach this summer!  So far, I’ve brought 4! 😉

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Mar 212016

GPHello readers!  I’m very excited to be participating in the A Searing Acquaintance Blog Tour and to be able to welcome back author J. L. Ashton to Austenesque Reviews today!  Last month you may remember we participated in a cover reveal for Ms. Ashton’s debut release, A Searing Acquaintanceand it was a lot of fun to anticipate this story and become intrigued by its JanAshton headshotgorgeous cover image. Today Jan shares with us a post about the fairy tale theme in JAFF and how she incorporated that theme in her new modern-day adaptation of Pride and Prejudice.

One of the themes that runs through JAFF, especially variations of Pride and Prejudice, is the fairy tale parallel. Some writers and readers see Darcy as the “beast” and Elizabeth the “beauty” who transforms him, or view him as the “prince” who provides Elizabeth escape from a provincial life married to a town clerk, not so far akin from the hardworking, mistreated Cinderella rescued from life as a scullery maid.

Well, the Fitzwilliam Darcy of A Searing Acquaintance is wealthy, intelligent and handsome, but he is no prince. True, he lives in a building that looks like a castle overlooking Central Park but he isn’t living a fairy tale; his past is rather sad and his life is pretty lonely. Darcy’s apartment in The Beresford looms over Central Park West while Elizabeth, a recent escapee from her dysfunctional family home, lives across the river in a New Jersey walkup. She doesn’t need rescuing—she is smart, ambitious and hard-working, not to mention attractive, witty and capable of taking care of herself. Continue reading »