Aug 142015

One Love - Two Hearts - Three StoriesTriple the Darcy, Triple the Elizabeth, Triple the Romance!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Source: Gift from Author

Austenesque anthologies seem to be all the rage at the moment! I love that authors are writing Austenesque-inspired short stories, and novellas – not every plot bunny can be fleshed out into a full-length novel! And these shorter works are great for readers who may be looking for a quick dip into Jane Austen’s world or who perhaps only have brief bouts of reading time available. I think it is wonderful that Ms. King challenged herself to write these more compact stories and I’m so pleased she published them all together in one collection! As a reader, I love that all the stories are together in one volume (and that it comes in paperback!)

Since there are three stories, I thought I’d breakdown my review and talk about each one individually. I hope you find it helpful! Continue reading »

Jun 112014

A Father's SinsWhat if Mr. Bennet and George Darcy were Unreasonable, Irresponsible, and Blind?

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author

TYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL: Pride and Prejudice Variation

TIME FRAME: November 1811, Jane Bennet is ill at Netherfield Park

MAIN CHARACTERS: Elizabeth Bennet, Fitzwilliam Darcy, Charles Bingley, Georgiana Darcy, Mr. Bennet, George Wickham, Colonel Fitzwilliam

THE SCENARIO: What if George Wickham was not only a favorite of George Darcy, but his natural-born son, robbed of being heir due to the illegitimacy of his birth? What if five years ago Elizabeth, inexperienced as a nurse, failed to save her three younger sisters and younger brother from smallpox? What if Mr. Bennet, distraught and enraged over the death of his heir, disowned Elizabeth and banished her from Longbourn? Continue reading »

Jun 092014

Author Excerpt

Hello dear readers, today Austenesque Reviews is paid a visit from a lovely new author, Joy Dawn King, who just published a new Pride and Prejudice variation titled A Father’s Sins.  Joy has thoughtfully prepared a little Q&A and excerpt to share with you today,which I, myself, very much enjoyed reading!  I hope you enjoy learning more about Joy, her writing, and her new novel, A Father’s Sins! 

JoyMeredith, thank you so much for the invitation. Please try to understand how exciting this is for me. Ecuador is not the most technologically advanced country in the world and blogs are new to me. We do have Internet in the Andes Mountains, but it is often intermittent so we tend to do only the necessary things in case we lose electricity. This is so EXCITING!

It has been just over two months since the release of your debut novel, A Father’s Sins. What has been the biggest surprise so far?

The outpouring of support from other JA writers has been phenomenal. It is a wonderful community of kind, helpful people. In fact, I would not have put pen to paper, or rather, fingers to keyboard, if it had not been for two such individuals. I have blatantly pointed my finger to Jan Hahn as the instigator, but realized not long after that Kara Louise bears equal responsibility. Jan’s book The Journey first drew my attention to a different Darcy. I loved the man she wrote about and longed to read more about him. Then, Kara’s book Master Under Good Regulation deepened my love for Jane Austen’s characters and drew out such strong emotions in me, making me break out in sad/happy (sappy?) tears at the end. These women will forever have my deepest appreciation along with others, like Wendi Sotis and Janet Taylor, who have helped and encouraged me to continue writing. Continue reading »