Mar 022018

Hi friends!  I’m so excited to share this fun author visit with you today!  Actually, it isn’t quite an author visit, more of a retelling of an incident I had while reading Mark Brownlow’s new book – Cake and Courtship: Mr. Bennet’s Memoirs Book One. We hope you like it!

[Blurry, wavy image and harp music]

The Scene: While her husband (Mr. Bingley) is out of town playing for a band, Meredith Esparza decides to wait up for him and begins reading a new Pride and Prejudice variation from the point-of-view of Mr. Bennet titled, Cake and Courtship. Meredith is only a couple of chapters in when Mr. Bingley returns and they both turn in for the night.

During the night, Meredith begins to dream, and finds herself in what appears to be someone’s personal library.  There are tall shelves lining the walls, heavy with many tomes. In the center of the room there is a desk, covered with stacks of books and documents.  Sitting behind the desk in a comfortable armchair is an older gentleman, wearing glasses and perusing an open book he cradles in his hand.  Half turned away from her, the man is so engrossed with his reading that he doesn’t immediately notice Meredith’s presence in the room.  Since her mind was just filled with Mr. Bennet a few hours before, Meredith suspects that the man before her must be one and the same, but she isn’t sure.

She is curious to know if this man is indeed Mr. Bennet, so Meredith summons her courage and begins a conversation with him… Continue reading »

Dec 202017

Hello friends! I’m really excited to spotlight Zoe Burton and her Pride and Prejudice and Racecars series today!  I love when an author brings the characters of Pride and Prejudice to a new setting or environment – whether it be a concert hall, dance academy, courtroom, or in this case, a race track!  It is always fun to see how some dynamics can stay the same and how some change uniquely with these new environments!  There are two books in the Pride and Prejudice and Racecars series – Darcy’s Race to Love and Georgie’s Redemption.  Zoe Burton has kindly put together an interview with her Will and Liz for me to share with you all today!  

This interview takes place right after Book 2: Georgie’s Redemption.

Meredith:  Welcome, Liz and Will!  Thank you so much for joining me today! I believe my first order of business is to congratulate you on your recent marriage and ask how married life is treating you?

Liz: Thank you, Meredith. It’s treating us very well, I think. Would you agree, Will?

Will: Definitely. Liz is the best thing outside of racing that ever happened to me.

Meredith: That is lovely to hear. How are your families?

Liz: My sister Jane is doing very well. She and Bingley are planning their wedding. Mary is enjoying her college classes. She’s begun tutoring incoming freshmen for the math department. I haven’t heard from Kitty and Lydia, but Kitty should be graduating this year, if she passes everything.

Will: My sister and father are doing well. Dad doesn’t like the restrictions he’s still under, but he doesn’t fight them much. At 70 years of age, a heart attack seriously slows a guy down. He’s finally coming to realize it. Georgie’s keeping up with her school work and keeping her nose clean. Continue reading »

Dec 032017

Hi readers! I am very excited to welcome Audrey Ryan, author of a recently released modern-day adaptation of Pride and Prejudice titled, All the Things I Know, to Austenesque Reviews today! All the Things I Know is Ms. Ryan’s debut release with Meryton Press and this post begins her blog tour! Today Audrey visits Austenesque Reviews to chat with you all about writing, her new release, and Jane Austen!

Welcome, Audrey! Thank you so much for visiting my blog! Since you are a new author to me and some of my readers, how about we start off with you telling us a little bit about yourself. How long have you been writing? When did you first encounter Jane Austen?

Thank you for the warm welcome — I’m very excited to start off my blog tour at Austenesque Reviews! I’ve been writing since I learned how to put pen to page. I’ve always loved telling stories. When I was a kid, one of my favorite things to do was make little story books and as I grew older, I kept writing short stories. I was an English major in college and took the writing track. I had thought I could be like J.K. Rowling or Stephen King and live off my novels, but I never actually finished any of the novels I started till now!

I first learned about Jane Austen when the 1995 P&P came out and all the older ladies in my life swooned over Colin Firth. I didn’t actually read Austen till I was in college, but I didn’t grow to love Austen till after. I lost my mom suddenly when I was 24. A few months later, my family took a roadtrip down to Los Angeles to see my dad’s family. We were hanging out with my great aunt and uncle, who were big readers, and my great aunt Naomi mentioned that whenever she felt like she needed cheering up, she would re-read Pride & Prejudice. When we got home, I took her advice. This also led me to read or re-read all of Austen’s novels. It was a great source of comfort. Continue reading »