Mar 012017


Hi readers!  I’m so excited to welcome author Kyra Kramer to Austenesque Reviews today! Kyra may be a brand new author to some of you because her lovely new release Mansfield Parsonage just came out last month!  It looks to be a very interesting story as it is a retelling of Mansfield Park from the perspective of bad-girl, Mary Crawford!  Kyra is sharing a little about what sets Mansfield Park a part a little from Jane Austen’s other novels and some excerpts from Mansfield Parsonage.  We hope you enjoy!

Beneath the Surface of Mansfield Park

Mansfield Park is one of Austen’s least-loved novels, but it is also the one with the deepest undercurrents swirling under its surface. From slavery to incest, the novel is discursive in a way most of her other works are not and this narrative morality shows up in places where you least expect it.

  1. It was anti-slavery.

The fact that Sir Thomas Bertram owns a plantation in Antigua, and therefore almost certainly owns slaves, could lead one to believe that Austen was not strongly pro-abolition. That supposition would be wrong, however … but her method of undercutting slave-ownership was much more apparent to her contemporary readers than her modern ones. A case in point is the fact that the newlywed Mr and Mrs Rushworth take a house in Wimpole Street. To the modern reader this means little, except to think they could afford a large house in London. To Austen’s audience, Wimpole Street was a byword for slave-owners’ vice. In my novel, Mansfield Parsonage, I try to make this connection clear again when Mary Crawford writes to Fanny Price that the Rushworth’s new home once belonged to Lady Lascelles: Continue reading »

Dec 072016


Hi readers!  I am so excited to share this post with you! 🙂  Authorauthor-7_2014_wsp Maria Grace is my guest today and she was game to do something a little different for her author visit.  As you might have noticed, Maria Grace published two new releases in the last 3 months!!!  She is hard to keep up with, isn’t she?  Have you read all her stories?  If no, do you need some help figuring out which one you should read next?  We made an infographic to help with that…

Which Book by Maria Grace Should You Read Next?

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Nov 182016


Hi readers!  I’m so excited to welcome another author from the fabulous Holidays with Jane series to Austenesque Reviews today – Jennifer Becton!  In addition to the Holidays with Jane series, Jennifer Becton has published many wonderful stories about the minor characters of Pride and Prejudice in her Personages of Pride and Prejudice series.   Today Jennifer shares a little about a minor character from Emma!

Harriet Smith: A True Heroine

Thank you, Meredith, for inviting me to be here on behalf of Holidays with Jane, a series of six holiday-inspired, Jane Austen-themed story collections, and its writers. I’m Jennifer Becton, and I wrote the story based on Emma in the Thanksgiving collection titled Thankful Hearts.jennifer-becton-headshot

Confession time: I love Harriet Smith.

I like her more than I like Emma.

That’s actually pretty standard for me. I’ve always thought Jane Austen’s minor characters deserved more credit. And I love to tell their stories.

So let’s talk about Harriet.

In Jane Austen’s Emma, Harriet Smith wanders onto the scene at the moment when a bored, lonely, spoiled Emma needs a friend project. Continue reading »