Nov 182016


Hi readers!  I’m so excited to welcome another author from the fabulous Holidays with Jane series to Austenesque Reviews today – Jennifer Becton!  In addition to the Holidays with Jane series, Jennifer Becton has published many wonderful stories about the minor characters of Pride and Prejudice in her Personages of Pride and Prejudice series.   Today Jennifer shares a little about a minor character from Emma!

Harriet Smith: A True Heroine

Thank you, Meredith, for inviting me to be here on behalf of Holidays with Jane, a series of six holiday-inspired, Jane Austen-themed story collections, and its writers. I’m Jennifer Becton, and I wrote the story based on Emma in the Thanksgiving collection titled Thankful Hearts.jennifer-becton-headshot

Confession time: I love Harriet Smith.

I like her more than I like Emma.

That’s actually pretty standard for me. I’ve always thought Jane Austen’s minor characters deserved more credit. And I love to tell their stories.

So let’s talk about Harriet.

In Jane Austen’s Emma, Harriet Smith wanders onto the scene at the moment when a bored, lonely, spoiled Emma needs a friend project. Continue reading »

Nov 112016


Hello friends! I’m really excited to spotlight Ginger Monette and her new release, Darcy’s Hope, today!  I love when an author takes us to a significant period of time in our world’s history, don’t you?  Whether it is the Civil War, Great Depression, or the Battle of Waterloo – I love when Austenesque stories have a historical bent to them!  In Ginger Monette’s new series she transports readers back to 1916 and The Great War!

Darcy’s Hope ~ Beauty from Ashes,

A WW1 Pride & Prejudice Variation

Available Now!

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Nov 042016


Hi readers!  I am so very excited to welcome Cat Gardiner back to Austenesque Reviews today!!!  You may have noticed I adore her novels (see here and here if this is brand new information for you), and one of my favorites of hers is Denial of Conscience, her Austenesque spy/thriller with motorcycles, CIA assassins, and traveling around the world.  I’m so elated to see that Cat is continuing the story of Iceman and his Lakmé !!!

Happily ever after … le sigh. If only life was that perfect. It’s why we read romance, right? We go through an entire novel, sometimes at the edge of our seats, enduring angst and obstacles leading to true love, and we’re always waiting with baited breath for them to kiss, say “I love you,” maybe even go to bed. Maybe it fades to black but the curtain always closes with the final act: Happily Ever After.


We had that in Denial of Conscience. The stone-cold, impenetrable Darcy who couldn’t trust a woman and swore off relationships (never having had a real one anyway.) And then there was Liz, so sheltered and inexperienced with men, virtual doormat to her father. Heck she was willing to sacrifice her deeply hidden dream of Prince Charming and was set to marry a man she didn’t love to save her family homestead. So, we put these two very different people―who have some commonalities―together, send them on a dangerous quest, and watch the relationship grow. Most likely we encouraged them a few times with each page turn: “Kiss her!” “Carry her off to bed!” “Run away together!” Continue reading »