Feb 052018


How did you survive the first month of 2018, readers?  Did you have any snow?  We did!!

It happened at the beginning of the month, which was a little weird because we went back to work after Christmas break for 1 day and then the snow came and we had 3 more days of break because our town shuts down when it snows! (We live in the south and don’t get snow often.)

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Jan 132017


Hello, dear readers!  I am very excited to welcome author Amy D’Orazio to Austenesque Reviews today! Amy is a brand new author to me and I’ve yet to read her lovely new book, The Best Part of Love, but I already know she is awesome because she fell in love with a Mr. Bingley too! 😉 Amy is here to share an enticing scene that was especially written for this blog post!  So even if you have already read this book (and I know some of you definitely have!) this may be something new for you to enjoy!

The following vignette is an original creation for the readers of Austenesque Reviews.  It is a part of the story which takes place “off-screen” so to speak.

Caution. Although I have purposefully used vague language in this vignette, there could be some information inferred which would be seen as a spoiler. It will in no way harm your enjoyment of the story or ruin the mystery for you but if you are a reader who doesn’t like to know anything, you might prefer to come back after you read the book!

Elizabeth Finishes Reading Henry’s Journals

When Elizabeth finished reading the world looked different.

At some point in the course of her perusing, her hand had risen and was pressed to her throat. With some effort she lowered it to her lap. Unbidden, Elizabeth’s eyes fell again to the journal on the desk in front of her.

Hanley believed it could not be done but I dare say I shall prevail. I saw her even today, my wife — though she does not yet know how perfectly suited she is. A lady but not one accustomed to higher society, or so I do believe. I shall have my man learn what he can of her but she is young. I doubt she knows anything of the world in which I live.  Continue reading »

Jan 042017


Woot woot!  Happy 2017, friends!  I hope you all had a lovely and restful holiday season filled with fun and love!

As you might have guessed, Mr. Bingley and have returned from Colombia and are now back into our work and home routines.  🙂  Thank you for all the lovely wishes and kind comments posted while we were gone!  It was the best thing ever to come home and read my blog and come back to this wonderful community!

Before we left for Colombia, we celebrated Christmas with my family and like they usually do, they spoiled me with Jane Austen goodies!

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