Feb 092013

“Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Match…”

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Publisher

Cate Kendall, a high school English teacher living amongst the weird in Austin, Texas is desperately searching for some excitement in her life… Between teaching, playing Scrabble with her colleague/close friend, Ethan Chavez, and living in the garage apartment of her mom’s house, Cate feels her life seriously needs to be rewritten. Cate pines for some adventure, some mystery…for some thrilling subplots to enter her life. When a “magical” journal, a new man, and a new persona infiltrate her life during the very same week, you might say that Cate got exactly what she wished for…

“I was starting to have a bit of trouble trying to keep track of all the little subplots in my own life. It was almost as if I was in the middle of an Austen novel, and while exhausting, it truly couldn’t have been more thrilling.” – page 89 Austensibly Ordinary

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Nov 132012

Austensibly Ordinary

Author – Alyssa Goodnight

Type of Austenesque Novel – Austen-Inspired, Contemporary Fiction

Release Date – January 29, 2013

Pages – 320

Available in – paperback and eBook

Available at – Amazon and Barnes and Noble




From goodreads.com:
Steamy, funky, and thoroughly modern, Austin, Texas isn’t much like the gardened country estates of Jane Austen’s work. But there might be a few similarities in its inhabitants…

Cate Kendall is no stranger to daydreams of brooding men and fancy parties—after all, she teaches one of her beloved Jane Austen novels in her English classes every year. But as for romance or adventure in her own life, the highlight of most weeks is Scrabble with her cute coworker, Ethan, and he draws the line at witty banter. But Cate is ready for a change. When she finds a mysterious journal that seems to have a link to the soul of the great Jane Austen herself, she knows it’s her chance. And she grabs on with both hands…

Before she knows it, Cate has invented an alter ego with an attitude, attended some seriously chic soirees, and gotten tangled up with a delicious mystery man. And she’s uncovered enough unexpected secrets about Ethan that her Scrabble partner has taken to brooding looks and unfathomable silences. It’s a positively Austenite predicament, and Cate is sure she’ll land in hot water and heartbreak—but maybe not with Jane herself to guide her…


  • An English teacher that teaches Jane Austen, plays Scrabble, and daydreams about brooding men?  This heroine is already winning me over!
  • The return of the MAGICAL journal! YES!
  • “Tangled up with a delicious mystery man?” If he is anything like Sean, I’m going to love this book!
  • Oh boy, I wonder what is going on with Ethan…I’m intrigued.
  • I LOVED AUSTENTATIOUS! Of course, I’m dying to read this book!
  • According to Jane, A Summer in Europe, Austentaious – I have given 5 stars to every Kensington book I’ve read so far!




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Jan 212012

Where Does One Buy a Magical Austenesque Journal?

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Publisher

While some of us may make general life plans and long-term goals, our heroine Nicola James has taken planning her life to the extreme. Creating a “Life Plan” at the age of thirteen and strictly adhering to it for the rest of their life is not something most people are in the practice of doing. But because Nicola’s dad made promises he never kept and plans he never followed through on, Nicola has decided that everything in her life must strictly coincide and adhere to her Life Plan. Which includes: getting a MBA, buying a home, being promoted to management, and finding a sensible, sturdy, like-minded man to marry.

But Nicola’s Life Plan is put to the ultimate test when a magical journal and a sexy Scottish rocker come into the picture. Nicola must let her viselike grip on life loosen and embrace the magical, unpredictable, and weird that surrounds her… Continue reading »