Sep 262016

The Lost Memoirs of Jane AustenThe Man Worthy to Win Jane Austen’s Love

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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TYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL: Biographical Fiction, Jane Austen as a Main Character

SETTING: Our story is recounted from memory beginning in the year 1807, and takes place in many towns and counties in England.


Remember that story about the unnamed gentleman Jane Austen met at the seaside and how Cassandra believed that gentleman “to be worthy to possess and likely to win her sister’s love?” Well, what if someone found a hidden secret memoir that revealed all the secrets about this mysterious man and his encounters with Jane Austen… Continue reading »

Oct 242014

Jane Austen's First LoveJane Austen as a Teenager!!!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Publisher

TYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL: Austen-Inspired, Biographical Fiction

TIME FRAME: The summer of 1791, our beloved authoress is fifteen

MAIN CHARACTERS: Jane Austen, Cassandra Austen, Edward Taylor, Edward Austen, Elizabeth, Sophia, and Fanny Bridges

WHY I WANTED TO READ THIS NOVEL: So many reasons…but I’ll be brief – it is by Syrie James, an author who has written some of my most favorite novels including several magnificent gems about Jane Austen and her life.

SYNOPSIS: To celebrate the engagements of their two daughters – Fanny and Elizabeth, the Bridges family hosts a month-long house party and invite the Knights, the Austens, and other neighbors. Jane attends this house party with her older sister, Cassandra, younger brother, Charles, and their mother. It is there that Jane Austen has her first experience of love – not with Tom Lefroy, by the way! Continue reading »

Jan 152013

Uncovering the Suppositious Secrets of Jane Austen’s Life!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Publisher

Jane Austen must have had some secrets. With information about her life being “famously scarce”1and a large majority of her correspondence being destroyed and censored, one can understandably make the conjecture that there are some things the Austen family did not want the world to know about dear Jane. But the unanswered question remains: what did they not want the world to know? Love affairs? Painful hardships? Illness? What are the secrets of Jane Austen’s life?

Critically acclaimed and best-selling author, Syrie James has once again fictitiously uncovered the hidden mysteries of Jane Austen’s life. In her outstanding 2007 release,The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen, Ms. James pens a memoir that illustrates the “secret” love affair between Jane Austen and an unknown man she meets by the seaside. In her latest release, The Missing Manuscript of Jane Austen, she brings to light a seventh novel written by Jane Austen in 1802. A manuscript that no one except Cassandra knew about. A manuscript that was lamentably lost from Jane Austen’s possession and never rewritten or discovered…until now. Continue reading »