Feb 172017

“She would not betray her trust.”

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author

What if Elizabeth Bennet met and became friends with Georgiana Darcy in Ramsgate?

What if, after hearing about Georgiana’s attachment to Wickham and plans to secretly elope, Elizabeth wrote an anonymous letter alerting Mr. Darcy?

What if Darcy and Elizabeth meet later on in Hertfordshire with previous knowledge of each other and have a much better first impression?

In her second inventive and creative Pride and Prejudice variation, Suzan Lauder shows readers what happens when Elizabeth knows all about and secretly helps prevent Georgiana’s would-be scandal in Ramsgate. In this story Elizabeth accompanies her aunt Gardiner for an extended stay visiting a friend in Ramsgate (since Mr. Gardiner is detained in London) the same time Georgiana and Mrs. Younge are there. In this scenario, readers witness many scenes that take place before the start of Pride and Prejudice such as Mr. Darcy’s hiring of Mrs. Younge, Wickham’s romantic pursuit of Georgiana, and Darcy’s unexpected arrival and rescue. Post-Ramsgate Elizabeth and Georgiana remain friends and keep in touch through correspondence, and it is with a completely different mindset that Darcy and Elizabeth meet in Meryton. Continue reading »

Feb 122014

Alias Thomas BennetSo You Think You Know Mr. Bennet…

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Publisher

What if Mr. and Mrs. Bennet both experienced traumatic and disturbing tragedies that forever altered their lives?

What if Mr. Bennet was indeed quiet and private, but unlike Jane Austen’s character, he was a responsible parent and attentive husband?

What if there were secrets, secrets, and more secrets surrounding the Bennet daughters???

In many Austenesque novels we see Mr. Bennet depicted as negligent, acerbic, unsociable, and even unreasonable. Sometimes he is one of the antagonists and sometimes he is a confidante and companion.  In Suzan Lauder’s debut novel, Alias Thomas Bennet, she places Mr. Bennet in a role he does not often have the good fortune to occupy – the role of hero! Continue reading »