Aug 242015

Miss Georgianna Darcy of PemberleyGeorgiana Darcy, A Sympathetic and Sensitive Heroine

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars*

Source: Review Copy from Author

In her latest release, Shannon Winslow circles back to her debut novel, a Pride and Prejudice sequel titled The Darcys of Pemberely, and retells the story from the perspective of Georgiana Darcy. While we do encounter Georgiana aplenty in The Darcys of Pemberley and witness a little of her first experience of being in love, the story’s main focus is Darcy and Elizabeth and the obstacles they overcome in the first year of marriage. Feeling that she perhaps didn’t do Georgiana enough justice, Ms. Winslow penned this companion novel to give Georgiana the page time and attention she so very much deserves! (The cool thing is that you can read both The Darcys of Pemberley and Miss Georgiana Darcy of Pemberley at the same time alternating chapters and have the complete story perfectly in sync!)

When it comes to Pride and Prejudice sequels, Georgiana Darcy is often a popular choice for authors to flesh-out and feature. For a character that receives so little page time, Jane Austen gives Georgiana an eventful and somewhat harrowing history. And as an unwed and shy sister with a romantic heart she is a character that easily ignites curiosity, interest, and compassion. There is often great variance in the directions authors choose to go with Georgiana – she’s been portrayed as painfully shy, playful and growing in confidence, immature, flirtatious, meek, spoiled, and sometimes resentful and jealous. But I think my favorite depictions of Georgiana are ones like Ms. Winslow’s – where she is portrayed as romantic and sensitive. Continue reading »

Sep 122014

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000037_00034]Jane Austen and Her Captain

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author

What if, after spending years of creating unions of perfect happiness and “marriages of true minds,” Jane Austen decided to pen a novel that closely mirrored her own experience with love?

What if Jane Austen had a great love affair where she experienced both undying, all-consuming love and heart-wrenching pain and disappointment?

What if Jane Austen’s last completed novel about lost love and second chances was more than just a little bit autobiographical?

Could you imagine it?!? How wonderful would it be to learn that our beloved authoress had known such love! To discover that someone appreciated, adored, and ardently admired her genius and person! While we may never know for sure the details of Jane Austen’s love life, it is always a merry diversion to imagine the possibilities…Crafting an alternative reality from known events and people in Jane Austen’s life and blending it with events and characters from Persuasion, Shannon Winslow creates a fantastic fictional tale of Jane Austen’s love affair with her very own Captain Wentworth that satisfyingly “reveals” the unknown love life of Jane Austen. Continue reading »

Apr 192013

A Look into the Soul and Heart of Mary Bennet

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author

Mary Bennet. Is. An island. Or at least she tries to be… Growing up a home where she was continuously ignored, laughed at, and set down – Mary has built up defensive walls around herself. She prides herself on maintaing power over her emotions, of being impenetrable to the trials andtrivialities that surround her. Instead of trying to prove herself as “the most accomplished girl in the neighborhood,” Mary has spent the last couple of years achieving some independence by working as a governess to the new family living in Netherfield Park. But when her father passes away and the new owner of Longbourn comes to Meryton, Mary’s hard-won composure and self-control is put to the test…

Squee!!! Mary Bennet is such an admirable and loveable heroine in this novel! Experience and serious self-evaluation has helped Mary lose some of her vanity and pride. Working with children and witnessing the blissful unions of her older sisters has softened her rigidity and self-righteousness. I simply loved this reverent and plausible development of Mary Bennet’s character. Shannon Winslow did such an incredible job of maintaining the essence of the original Mary Bennet, yet at the same time, transforming her into a fully realized and fleshed-out heroine. Continue reading »