Aug 082016

EdenbrookeMade My Heart Flutter, Pound, and Melt!!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Source: Purchased

TYPE OF NOVEL: Traditional Regency Romance

SETTING: Bath and Kent, England 1816

MAIN CHARACTERS: Marianne Daventry (country-loving, artless, fond of twirling, and not an elegant lady) and Philip Wyndham (charming, flirtatious, devastatingly handsome and full of secrets)

SYNOPSIS: Marianne and her twin sister, Cecily, receive invitationsĀ to a beautiful estate called Edenbrooke. While Marianne, who finds Bath dull and suffocating, is simply excited to spend some time in the country amongst nature, Cecily is sure this trip will lead to a marriage proposal from Lord Wyndham, heir to Edenbrooke, whom she’s met in London. Marianne first couple of days at Edenbrooke are ones of blissful happiness and budding friendship. But when Cecily arrives and the truth unravels, Marianne desperately wishes to leaveĀ paradise known as Edenbrooke. Continue reading »