Feb 122016

Jane Austen Lives AGainJane Austen is Alive in 1925!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author

While suffering greatly from the disease that would take her life, Jane Austen learns that her doctor, Dr. Lyford, is conducting some pioneer studies on immortal jellyfish and transdifferentiation. In a secret attempt to cheat death, Jane and Cassandra consult with Dr. Lyford about using his knowledge to cure Jane Austen’s illness or possibly extend her life a little. The study unfortunately took a bit longer than expected, and several generations later in the year 1925, Jane Austen is finally able to resume life among the living! (Our dream come true, right?)

In order to support herself, Jane Austen takes a position as a governess to five young girls in a crumbling estate in Devon. The only thing is, this isn’t a typical governess position, and Jane Austen’s young charges are a good deal older than expected. But our dear Jane is made of stern stuff and has courage that rises with every attempt of intimidation. 😉 Jane takes on the discordant and troubled Milton family and tries to be the friend, supporter, and guide they all need. With such a large task on her hands, Jane is fearful her time to write more novels may be in short supply. But that may be the least of her worries as an unexpected suitor comes onto the scene and tries to win her heart… Continue reading »

Dec 172014

Mr. Darcy's Christmas CalendarJane Austen Christmas Magic!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author

What if a trip to the Jane Austen House and Museum and an impulse purchase of an Advent calendar at the gift shop led to an inexplicable and extraordinary phenomenon where you were brought back in time to 1811 and could meet Elizabeth Bennet, Mr. Darcy, and Jane Austen?!?

This is exactly what happens to Liz Benson. On a cold, snowy day she treks out to the village of Chawton and encounters a very rude and “cross-looking” young man and a bubbly and bustling matron in Regency attire. Liz is informed she must put on a costume, and before she can ask any questions she is instructed to open door one of the calendar and proceed to the drawing room. Not sure whether this is a special skit or if actors are paid to put on this “experience,” Liz complies and plays along. What she doesn’t know is that some magic is afoot and she has just slipped back in time to an alternate reality where Jane Austen is currently working on her manuscript, First Impressions, and the characters of that novel are “alive” and living in Chawton! But this version of First Impressions is very different from what we know as Pride and Prejudice. And it looks like Jane Austen might need some help finding her way with these characters. Continue reading »

Nov 222013

Project DarcyExploring Steventon Rectory and Jane’s Romance with Tom Lefroy

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author

In her first phenomenal timeslip novel, Searching for Captain Searching for Captain WentworthWentworth, Jane Odiwe takes readers to Bath, England in the year 1802 where the main character transports back in time to the body of Jane Austen’s neighbor and friend. (ugh! Such a lucky girl!) In her second timeslip novel, readers travel to Steventon, Hampshire in the year 1796 where the main character transports back in time to the body of…Jane Austen! (so not fair, right!?!)

In Project Darcy, our main character, Ellie Bentley travels to Steventon with several of her friends to participate in an archaeological dig at the site of Jane Austen’s former home. Although Ellie looks forward to capturing the beautiful countryside of Steventon on canvas and taking part in the dig, she ends up learning more about Jane Austen and her beloved childhood home than she ever intended! For some inexplicable and uncontrollable phenomena, Ellie is able to transport into Jane’s body and experience her brief romance with Tom Lefroy – the witty banters, the exhilarating dances, the clandestine encounters… Continue reading »