Sep 222017

Greetings my Austenesque-loving friends!  I am so excited to celebrate my blog’s Blogiversary with you today!  I cannot believe I’ve been blogging 8 years already! That seems like such a high number for something I feel didn’t start too long ago!  But I guess it has!

It has been a wonderful blog journey for me these past eight years and that is because of you lovely readers and wonderful authors!  Readers – thank you so much for your participation, support, and conversation!  I love our chats and your sharing, and I am so happy to get to know many of you through our love of Jane Austen.  Authors – thank you for the stories you write, the friendships, and the visits!  My blog is richer for your presence!

I am thrilled to celebrate this year’s blogiversary with some charts and graphs!!  Woot woot! Any chart or graph fans in the house?

As you may remember, I asked readers of my blog to fill out a Quick-Fire Question survey about Pride and Prejudice!

Well, the results are in and we can all take a gander to see where some trends lie, what answers are popular, and which ones are more unique!  I hope you enjoy!

*Anytime I use ‘Misc. Answers’ is when there were many options that only have one write-in vote.

~ Quick-Fire Questions: Pride and Prejudice Survey ~


  • I think it is interest that the Hunsford/First Proposal has more than double the votes than Darcy’s Second Proposal.

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Sep 202017

Hi my lovely reader friends!  I am very excited to welcome Sharon Lathan to Austenesque Reviews today!  Sharon is one Austenesque author who doesn’t need an introduction, with so many celebrated Austenesque works to her name!  I personally am very excited about Sharon’s new release, Darcy and Elizabeth: Hope of the Futurebecause it completes her Darcy Saga Prequel Duo, which I have not read yet, but hope to soon!  We hope you enjoy Sharon’s post about one of the most important features of any wedding day (no matter the time period!) – the wedding dress!

My sincerest thanks to Meredith for hosting me on Austenesque Reviews today. It is an honor to be here, and a great pleasure to share a bit of my research with your readers, as well as my latest novel. Darcy and Elizabeth: Hope of the Future is the second book in the two-volume Darcy Saga Prequel Duo, which began with Darcy and Elizabeth: A Season of Courtship. These two novels perfectly fit with my Darcy Saga Sequel to Pride and Prejudice, the series now including nine lengthy novels and one novella.

With the theme of the Prequel Duo focusing on wedding preparation for our two loving couples, a thought a bit of history about the wedding gowns would be appropriate. Here we go!

Regency Era Wedding Gowns

The vast majority of our modern-day wedding extravagances emerge during the Victorian era, including the bridal ensemble. The generally understated and simplistic decades surrounding the Regency meant that wedding gowns were similarly modest and unassuming. Of course, when it comes to a lady’s special day, females in every culture and time period fret over their appearance and desire a beautiful dress. Continue reading »

Sep 152017

A Thoughtful and Reverent Retelling of Emma

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author

While she may be “handsome, clever, and rich,” Emma Woodhouse finds herself living a life not entirely of her own choosing. In 1973 she left the university that was her mother’s alma mater to come home and live with and care for her father who suffered from a debilitating stroke. And even though she is soon to be graduating, she doesn’t have the ability to up and go live a new city or begin a full-time career. But Emma isn’t one to complain. Her family is her world and she would happily sacrifice her freedom to take care of them and be what they need – no questions about it! However, sometimes, Emma cannot help but feel a little envious towards those that are able to lead a different life – whether it be moving away from their hometown, having a noble profession, or just following their dreams…

Even though Emma keeps herself pretty busy with her course work, managing her father’s house, and tending to her father’s care, she has time to lend assistance and guidance to those in her circle of dear friends and family. She touts herself as a “born matchmaker,” but as Emma will soon learn the game of love is often more complex and risky than it seems… Continue reading »