Jul 052017


Hello friends!  I hope you are all doing well!  I hope those readers in Canada and the US enjoyed some lovely Independence Days! 😉  I can’t believe 2017 is half over!  The year is going so fast!  I wish time would slow down!

June was busy for me.  But strangely I got a lot of reading done! 😀  Besides reading…and reviewing….


I spent an evening reorganizing my bookshelves (I loved it!  It’s been over a year since I’ve done this.)


I went to a Jane Austen inspired concert with my brother (who I’ve now decided I will refer to as Henry Austen on this blog, because just like Jane was very close with her brother Henry, I am very close with mine! And he is a little bit of charmer sometimes!) Continue reading »

Jul 032017


A VERY big thank you to one of the loveliest authors I know, Cassandra Grafton, for making a special visit to Austenesque Reviews!  I am so excited for your new release, A Quest for Mr. Darcy and I loved having the chance to ask you some questions and get to know you better! I’m now looking forward even more to reading A Quest for Mr. Darcy soon!

Also, thank you to Cassandra for her generosity in sponsoring such a fantastic giveaway in conjunction with her interview!

Thank you to all of you who stopped by to read our interview and share your thoughts. What a wonderfully warm welcome you gave Cassandra!  And I loved hearing how many of followed and enjoyed her new story online!  Continue reading »

Jun 052017


Happy Summer, everyone!  With daily temps in the 80s it feels like summer is officially here in North Carolina!

There are some other signs that summer is here…

1. I’m reading more outside!  During the summer I try to go to the beach every couple of days. I love the water, the sand, and the sun!  This year I’ve made it a goal to bring 20 different books to the beach this summer!  So far, I’ve brought 4! 😉

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