Mar 122018

Hope everyone is surviving their Monday (and the time change for those effected!) with tolerable equanimity!

I wanted to once again thank the charming Mark Brownlow for his kind visit to my blog!  I so enjoyed working with him and engaging in a chat with his Mr. Bennet!

Thank you to all the lovely readers who stopped by to read our interview together and shared their thoughts about Mr. Brownlow’s new release – Cake and Courtship: Mr. Bennet’s Memoirs Book 1.  I’m so glad to hear that many of you are interested in reading it yourselves!  I know I am! ;0 Continue reading »

Mar 082018

Hi friends!  Did you see Rita’s blog post yesterday on From Pemberley to Milton?  

If not, then let me fill you in!  We are in the midst of a guessing game for an upcoming cover reveal which will take place tomorrow on Claudine’s blog – Just Jane 1813.  Your job is to look at the clues given on this blog post and Rita’s blog post and try and see how much you can deduce correctly about what will be revealed on March 9th – the title, the author, what the images represent. 

Sounds fun, doesn’t it?  I love to play games and this seems like such fun way to announce and celebrate a new release!

Are you ready for your clues?

Good morning, Meredith! We are so excited to host this post at your blog today.  Today we are sharing our second set of clues for an exciting new type of cover reveal for an upcoming JAFF book that remains to be somewhat of a mystery. After all, what better way is there to help launch a JAFF mystery based on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice?

I have brought with me some more clues to share with your readers, who hopefully also gathered the clues we shared yesterday at Rita’s blog, From Pemberley to Milton.  We are sharing another look at this book’s cover, along with some clues about the book’s title and author too.

This should be a really fun mystery to solve since this author has already published some very popular JAFF stories and we are revealing some very telling clues about this story!!

So get your detective hats on and help us solve the hottest mystery in JAFF right now…

Clue #1 is this piece of our book’s cover…

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Mar 052018


Hello my dear friends!  How is March treating you so far?  Did you have a good February? We enjoyed ours, although it did feel like this month went fast! 😉

Mr. Bingley and I (because now he is “Mr. Outdoors” with his new truck) have been places.

In fact, when he doesn’t have a gig or we don’t have any obligations on the weekend, we get ourselves out of the house and go explore!  One of our new favorite places to explore are state parks.  We live really close to 2 which we never really explored much until now.  And our state, North Carolina, has 40 in all.  We hope to try and visit as many new ones as we can over the next year or so. 😉   Continue reading »