Nov 242017

‘Tis the season to shop for All. The. Jane. Austen. Things!

Looking for some gift ideas inspired by Jane Austen?  We got you covered!

I just loooooooooove Jane Austen-inspired items.  It is so much fun to celebrate your love for Jane Austen in other areas of your life, isn’t it?

Here is a list of my favorite Jane Austen inspired gifts for 2017!


~ For the Janeite who improves her mind with extensive reading… ~

1. Jane and Me: My Austen Heritage by Caroline Jane Knight – $39.99 (hardcover) from A memoir by Caroline Jane Knight about growing up related to Jane Austen and living in the Chawton Great House.


2. Jane Austen: The Chawton Letters by Kathryn Sutherland – $19.46 from A brand new edited collection!


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Oct 302017


Hi readers, does anyone know what happened to October?!?  I thought it started just a week ago…and now we are at the end of the month!  :/  And it looks like it has been another terrific month for Austenesque books being published! Thank you authors!!

Did you happen to see all the Austenesque books published this last month?  If not, have no fear!

Here’s a list of Austenesque Novel Finds for October 2017 for your perusing pleasure!

*This is a list of books published, not my personal recommendations.


Austenesque Novel Finds – October 2017


A Most Handsome Gentleman by Suzan Lauder

A Nudge in the Right Direction: A Pride and Prejudice Variation – Novella by Nicky Roth

An Accident at Pemberley: A Pride and Prejudice Variation by Linda C. Thompson

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Oct 112017

Hi readers, I’m excited to share another of my Austenesque Top Ten lists with you today!

While many Austenesque stories take place in the Regency era and many take place in modern times, there are a handful that are set somewhere in between.  These stories take Jane Austen’s beloved characters and bring them to new time periods and/or settings.  Sometimes these stories are referred to as ‘alternate universe,’ but I like to use the term – Retellings.  Often times in these stories the setting feels like a character in and of itself.  And I love seeing how authors immerse Jane Austen’s characters and the reader in these unique and diverse settings.

The amount of Austenesque Retellings (that are not modern-day retellings) published may be small, but many of them are such sensational reads I thought it would be fun to highlight my favorites!

Here are 10 fabulous Austenesque retellings that are so deserving of praise and recognition!

* These lists are based only on the novels I have read and reviewed on this blog and are my top ten favorites.

**These lists are subject to change.  


(in alphabetical order)


Author: Karen M. Cox

Type of Novel: RetellingMature Audiences

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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“Ms. Cox’s writing style is captivating and charming. I love the time period she chose, the new predicaments she gave the Bennet family, and the intrigue she created about Georgiana.”


At the Edge of the Sea

Author: Karen M. Cox

Type of Novel: RetellingMature Audiences

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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“I was utterly charmed and enthralled by this novel! Having read the other two superb Austenesque novels by Karen Cox, I knew I could expect a high-caliber story rich with dynamic characters, intelligent insights, and evocative prose. At the Edge of the Sea is a poignant and expressive love story that should not be missed!”

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