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Hi friends!  I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time and I’m so happy it is here!  Today I am welcoming one of the kindest and most genuine people in the Jane Austen community to Austenesque Reviews – author J. Dawn King!  Not only is Joy a wonderfully kind and supportive writer – she is an extremely busy one!  I am forever 3 books behind her! #NotComplaining.  I am so happy Joy is paying us a visit today to talk about writing Austenesque stories in alternate settings!  One of my favorite kinds of Austenesque stories!

Joy: Hello, Meredith! Thank you for inviting me to Netherfield. You have a lovely home. Is that cake for us?

Meredith: Yes, Joy, later. You mentioned when you called that you had something to ask me. Please feel free to do so at once.

Joy: Thank you, dear friend. (head bowed) Might I be seated?

Meredith: Absolutely! This sounds serious.

Joy: Oh, dear. I am sorry if I have worried you. But, indeed, yes. This is very serious.

You see, the characters I have grown to love have become fiercely independent. I believe they have adopted modern sensibilities and I am having a difficult time sorting out their stories. (sigh!) Mr. Darcy insists every tale I tell be from his point-of-view. When he meets Elizabeth, all he wants is to hear her innermost thoughts and I am left adrift. (big SIGH!) Georgiana Darcy flits from being demure and ladylike to a teenager demanding purple hair extensions and a rather large iTunes gift card. Sometimes she wants to be left out of the book entirely and others, well, she demands in a very Lady Catherine-like manner, that any story worthy of note would be solely about her almost sixteen years of life experience. The Bingleys, Bennets, and assorted minor players all petition me constantly to write only of them. They have become…(lowering her voice to a whisper)…exacting.

Meredith: I understand why you are troubled. But, what can I do?

Joy: I was hoping you would allow me to request information from your readers/followers. Please understand that this is not information I seek. These are appeals from my characters.

Meredith: Such as?

Joy: One moment please. (as she shuffles through the gas receipts, empty lipstick tubes, and clumps of fast food napkins in her purse) I have a list. Please allow me to read them to you.

Meredith: Certainly

Joy: (clearing her throat)

1) Would you rather read Pride and Prejudice set in Medieval times or during the Viking’s conquest of the north Atlantic? (Mr. Bingley requested I ask. He has a serious fixation with shiny swords)

2) Would you rather read Emma set in the antebellum South (think Scarlett O’Hara/Rhett Butler) or floating lazily on the Nile River trying to hang out with Cleopatra? (This, from Caroline Bingley while she was glaring at my DVD cover of Gwyneth Paltrow – although the question is not in her exact words)

3) Would you rather read Persuasion ‘in the year 1492 when Columbus sailed the ocean blue’ or when James Michener penned the epic novel, “Hawaii”? (Apparently, Lady Catherine feared her rector would not be able to attach himself to a wife within a reasonable distance, such as 50 miles of good road, so Mr. Collins is exploring the possibilities of searching farther afield.)

4) Would you rather read Sense and Sensibility set in New England during the witch hunts or—I am terribly sorry, there was no other option provided. (Lydia Bennet had no interest in stories of any sisters other than her own. Rude child!)

5) Would you rather read Mansfield Park and Northanger Abbey…and before I could finish my question or offer the suggestions provided, a general shout of “NO!” reverberated around the room.

Joy: (looking like a lost, whipped puppy) Do you see what I must deal with each time I sit at my computer? I stare at the screen while Mrs. Hurst bickers with her husband, Mr. Wickham taunts Mr. Darcy, and Mrs. Bennet screeches and cries about not having a story of her own. It is highly distressing.

Meredith: I imagine so.

Joy: (blowing her nose noisily into one of the flimsy restaurant napkins) Oh, I do feel better for having been so open. Do you not think I expressed myself uncommonly well just now?

Meredith: Are you channeling Elizabeth Bennet?

Joy: I do believe imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Meredith: Hmmm! Well, I am pleased I could help. Would you like cake?

Joy: Thank you. Oh! Chocolate. I prefer a large slice please.

(As soon as the cake was devoured, author Joy King left Netherfield. However, the afternoon was not a total loss as she requested her hostess offer a prize ($100 Amazon gift card) to one commenter who answered the following question:

If you would write a Pride and Prejudice variation set in any era or circumstance other than Regency, what would it be?

Thank you, Joy, this is so much fun!  As you know, I am a big fan of alternate settings and time periods (check here, here, here, and here for verification!) and I love the idea exploring and learning about different times and ways of life.  Plus it is always fun to see what kind of changes time and setting have on our beloved Pride and Prejudice!

I personally, would love to see everyones’ answers to your earlier questions as well!

Mine are:

  1. Never read anything about Vikings so my vote is with that option!
  2. Emma on the Nile… so tempted to make a corny joke about her being in denial! 😉
  3. Tough choice… may opt for Hawaii as I do love beaches and islands
  4. YES!  That sounds so interesting!  
  5. I was going to yes to this one too, but everyone shouted “no!”
  6. And to answer your final question… hmmm.  Maybe a Sherlock-era story might be fun?  1880’s industrial London.  Darcy could be Sherlock, Bingley would make a good Watson… 😉



Today, Joy brings with her a wonderfully generous Amazon Gift Card ($100) for me to give away to one lucky winner!  Woot woot!!!

To enter this giveaway answer Joy’s question, and leave a question of your own, a comment, or some love for Joy below!

  • This giveaway is open worldwide.  Thank you, Joy!
  • This giveaway ends August 21st
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  117 Responses to “Guest Post + Giveaway with Author J. Dawn King!!!”


    Pride and Prejudice set in Victorian times or I could cheat and also say Georgian.
    Other answers – Medieval (know alot more about this period) – The South – Hawaii – I would read Mansfield Park and Northanger Abbey.
    I would also read any book no matter the setting (even modern) as long as the Colonel and Mary Bennet were together – my own ODC


    I have wondered what would happen if family money was gone. What about writing P & P in the 30’s during the crash.


      What a terrific idea. I’ll have to chew on this one for a bit.


        It got me thinking about how hard it was for wealthy people to go thru the crash, some didn’t. But for the working stiff tuff but they got thru it. So can you see Darcy getting his hands dirty, learning a skill, chopping wood, hunting for squirrel and no caviar!!! Or even gardening, eating potatoes and beans day after day, dancing to the radio, oh my, it is endless. I could only imagine having one suit, sewing his own buttons on or his sister with one or two dresses and mending her own. Sobering times.


    Firstly I have to admit that I am absolutely useless at making decisions! My usual response when asked is to say ‘whichever you want’!!!
    I’m not bothered about the other books as I only read Darcy and Elizabeth stories but for them I do quite fancy medieval but there is a bit too much beheading for my liking so maybe I will go for the swinging sixties . Saying that providing it has Darcy and Elizabeth only marrying each other and preferably not too much angst (although I have been tempted and cried my way through exceptional ones) with a happy ending then I don’t mind what era they live in..
    Oh and is there any chocolate cake left?


      Ha Ha! Yes, there was cake left when I walked out the door. The swingin’ sixties? Wow! That’s one I’ve not thought of. Thank you for your answer, Glynis. I’m still thinking about this one.


        Well I could see Darcy on Carnaby Street with his Beatles haircut. And Elizabeth in Petticoat Lane with her Mary Quant mini skirt. And of course they will be doing the Twist at the Netherfield Ball!. (You may have guessed that I was a teenager in the 60s)


      Yes, please do come for some cake, Glynis!! I love your suggestion of the 1960s! I love the music references!!


    I have to say that this post made me laugh! It was really funny, ladies!!! lol

    1)I would prefer Medieval times. Vikings are just too violent.
    2) I would be fun to see Emma in the Old South. I love Gone With The Wind, it’s my favorite book along with Pride and Prejudice.
    3) I really don’t know. I like Persuasion but I have never read any fanfic about it so you can go and surprise me! 😉
    4) It would be fun to read S&S during the witch hunt! I liked Lydia’s idea! Lol
    5) Neither is my favorite Austen novel. I would say they are my least favorite of her novel. I have never read any fanfics related them so who knows?

    Now about P&P set on a different era, I think I would like to see it maybe in a Medieval time, which is rarely done. I love other eras too, like the 1940’s and modern times as well. I guess if the writing is good and the story compelling, the era is not such a big issue for me.

    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! 


    Oh my! What a fun interview, ladies! No wonder you were looking forward to this one, Meredith! Isn’t Joy always a pleasure to have visit! I agree with all you said! 🙂 Joy, I loved you channeling Lizzy!
    Now to my choices…
    1. I think I would choose Vikings for the first although I did have to think on it.
    2. I can easily imagine Emma in the antebellum South.
    3. I believe I would have to go with Hawaii for Persuasion.
    4. New England during the witch hunts for Sense & Sensibility would be a fascinating read, I’m sure!
    5. I would say ‘yes’ too, especially to a Northanger Abbey. 🙂
    6. Lastly, but not least in importance…I would love to see P&P set in Victorian times. It would be awesome to have a book that had John Thornton and Margaret Hale as well as Darcy and Lizzy. Oh the delightful things that could take place. Darcy could do business with John and so on. Remember those cute posters that have Darcy telling Thornton ‘not to give up’ on Margaret? Joy????


      My reply was too long and hid the ‘post comment’ button so I had to make two! lol Below is the last part.

      Meredith, please do not enter me in the giveaway. I have recently been one of the lucky winners of a gift card from Joy so will take my name out. I wanted to answer for the fun of taking part in this lovely dilemma that dear Joy faces! Good luck with sorting it all! Shame on all our favorite characters for making your life so difficult. How dare them!

      Please pass the cake! 🙂


      I DO remember the conversations about a mash-up with Pride & Prejudice and North & South, Janet. I’d love for Darcy’s granddaughter to give Margaret Hale a run for her money with Mr. Thornton. Love it! Of course, he would have to end up with…ME…no, with Margaret. The young Miss Darcy? A new character would need conjured who would be respected by Grandpa Darcy, I think.


      Thanks for checking out this creative post from Joy! I love the idea of a N&S P&P mash-up! That would be so fun to explore!


    One of my favorite book series is A Song of ice and fire so I would love to see a variation set in a similar medieval times period with magic elements.
    1.Even without magic, I am a huge fan of this time period so my vote for question 1 would definitely be medieval.
    2. Antebellum south
    3. 1492
    4. No other option is needed as that one sounds great


    During the 1950’s.
    Locale in Canada, B.C or P.E.I.
    Edwardian times


      I’m thinking we need to go to Tahiti to sit on the beach for a reread of all Jane Austen’s stories while we listen to 50’s music to set the mood for story development. It’s funny you should mention Canada, Anne, as I outlined a modern Pride & Prejudice set in Calgary while my daughter and her family were riding horses on the beach last Wednesday. Darcy owns the rough stock for the Calgary Stampede and is a champion steer wrestler. Lizzy is a down-on-her-luck barrel racer. I still may write it but it will be in the distant future.


    As you know , being my daughter, I think the really Wild West would be terrific. I can just see Darcy packing six-guns and lizzy owning a big cattle ranch.


      I am listening, Mom. Truly I am.


      I am definitely in support of this as well!

      I sense that Darcy will make his initial acquaintance with Lizzy in some appalling way which implies a disdain for “unfeminine women” who do Men’s Work. And on their next interaction he will condescendingly offer her his help on something (rope a maverick? do some branding? hunt down a coyote?) since she couldn’t *possibly* do it herself…

      Sparks will fly!


    Actually, my answers to questions 1-6 are the same as yours, Joy. I agree completely. I loved this post. What fun. I’d love to be a fly on the wall and listen in on a brainstorming session with you and your crew. Although, being a fly could be dangerous to my health. I detest flies and always keep a fly-swatter handy for just such an occasion.

    I love variations, re-imaginings, different eras and anything for our favorite characters. That is what JAFF is all about. How far afield can you go? That famous question, that we all love… what if? I do so admire your work and wish you the best in your next project. I can tell the characters are clamoring for their due. Listen to their direction and they won’t lead you astray. Blessings…!

    Thanks Meredith for this awesome post.


      Jeanne, you would most likely be shocked at the ideas flying around since Jennifer and her family arrived from Ecuador 10 days ago. Between her love of mystery and mine of romance, we have covered the gamut of what is out there and what is possible/probable/ridiculous. My head is spinning. I find it rather disconcerting when my sweet, peacekeeping baby girl rubs her hands together in delight at the demise of a character by nefarious means. She must have inherited this from her Dad.


      Thanks for your lovely comment, Jeanne! I hope Joy can settle down those demanding characters and can get them to cooperate! 😉 Glad to hear you love all possible variations and re-imaginings! 😉


    1) Pride and Prejudice set in Medieval times and Viking’s conquest would be great. Roaring Twenties might be interesting, too.

    2) Emma set in the Antebellum South.

    3) Persuasion ‘in the year 1492 when Columbus sailed the ocean blue’ – yes.

    4) Sense and Sensibility set in New England during the witch hunts would be interesting.
    jslbrown2009 at aol dot com


    What a delightful post!! I always find it fascinating how many different eras and settings there could be. I’d never thought of it until now, but I think a variation set during the New England witch trials could be very interesting!!


    what a fun post Joy and Meredith.

    1) I would go with Medieval era, they already had a real class system, and it would fit.
    2) Emma set in the antebellum South sounds great but so does Cleopatra. Hmm, tough choice.
    3) Persuasion ‘in the year 1492 sound really intriguing
    4) Sense and Sensibility set in New England during the witch hunts would make a great story, I’d love to read it.
    5) LOL

    Meredith, I love your Sherlock Holmes idea, it would make a great setting. 🙂

    As to your question joy. there are two settings I’d love to write P&P in”
    – The French Revolution
    – late 19 and early 20th centuries with Suffragettes movement involved. 😉


    Tough question…we have had D & E in so many places and times.: western settlers, mail order brides, sheiks, pirates , werewolves, etc1 I think of the Vikings as more brutal to women and medieval times as castles, planned political marriages and jousts. Perhaps their story would be interesting in a Camelot type setting?
    Thanks for the thought provoking questions!


      Camelot – sigh! I am asking these questions for a purpose, Theresa. I, too, have noted the many eras our dear couple have “lived” in while perusing what is out there. While Regency is still my overwhelming favorite, I’m wanting to tackle two epic projects next year and am researching this very subject for that purpose. You have given me more to ponder. Thank you.


    Very fun interview. Any of those historical eras would do for me. maybe the medieval might be fun. Thanks for all you both do for JAFF and for the generous giveaway. Jen Red


    I think it would be hilarious to have it set in the 80’s. Think of all the big hair, pegged jeans, and great music from that time! The dance at Nethrfield would be particularly interesting when Darcy does some break dancing.
    I really enjoyed this interview. It was very entertaining to read I’ve loved all of your work thus far, and look forward to catching up on my ever adding list of books to read from you. ~ j


    Cute interview, ladies. I’ve enjoyed others’ responses too! I’m joining in the fun even though I hate decisions.
    1) Neither Vikings or Medieval float my literary boat, ???Scottish historical???
    2) I can definitely see Emma as a Scarlet type. But Darcy would have to end up being a little less Rhett-ish in the end, I’d hope.
    3) When Michener was mentioned I thought of South Pacific, and not Persuasion but Pride and Prejudice.
    5) Well, the two doormats (coff coff) um, anti-heroines could support each other in a combined MP & NA, I guess.
    6) I think P&P in WWII would be interesting, although it’s been done I haven’t read them yet. Elizabeth as a Land Girl on her own family’s farm Longbourne. Did they still have entails back then for the gentry?

    Noticed I skipped #4. Um, no!


      Darcy in a kilt? You may have something, Michelle. I’ve seen pictures of Gerard Butler in a pink shirt and kilt that are…gulp…stunning. I do believe our hero could pull it off. As far as the Salem witch hunt trope goes, Lydia Bennet would believe the process was for the sole purpose of offing any competition who would distract the officers from giving her attention, including her own siblings. I think it would be a very short story.


    What a fun interview and the comments aren’t so bad either. I’d actually like to see a Pride and Prejudice/North and South mash up with Darcy and Elizabeth in the same time as Margaret and John. Elizabeth and Margaret as friends and conspirators just sounds so entertaining.


    Now that I’ve stopped laughing over this hilarious interview, I would like in all seriousness to say that I’d like to see a Pride and Prejudice set in the 1960s. The politics of that era would neatly reflect the sorts of social divides and misunderstandings that are latent in the original. Every single one of the Bennet girls would make a great Flower Child, each in her own way.

    As for the other questions:
    (1) Viking conquest has some interesting potential for romance across a cultural gap; the medieval era seems too uniform and prescriptive for an Elizabeth Bennet. Though I have a little difficulty imagining Darcy as a muscular Viking wielding a broadsword. Wouldn’t mind having Wickham in the galley rowing the boat, though!
    (2) Emma definitely in the antebellum South. She seems awfully Scarlett O’Hara to me, with her smug insularity. She’d keep slaves, too, while Mr Knightley would have issues with that.
    (3) Persuasion in the setting of Michener’s Hawaii. All those military men . . .
    (4) I’m not sure Marianne would survive the witch trials–especially if Mrs Robert Ferrars were among the accusers. But Mrs Jennings would certainly come into her own! Great potential.
    (5) Mansfield Park.


      Great responses, Abigail. This was a bit of a hoot to do. That Meredith!!!

      Since the Vikings often paired two men pulling one oar, Wickham’s cohort could only be Mr. Collins. A match made in Scandinavian Hades, I think. Mrs. Jennings? Snort! So pleased you stopped by.


    I have to say that this post made me laugh! It was really funny, ladies!!! lol
    1)I would prefer Medieval times. Vikings are just too violent.
    2) I would be fun to see Emma in the Old South. I love GWTW, it’s my favorite book along with P&P.
    3) I really don’t know. I like Persuasion but I have never read any fanfic about it so you can go and surprise me!
    4) It would be fun to read S&S during the witch hunt! I liked Lydia’s idea! Lol
    5) Neither is my favorite Austen novel. I would say they are my least favorites of her novels. I have never read any fanfics related them so who knows?
    Now about P&P set on a different era, I think I would like to see it maybe in a Medieval time, which is rarely done. I love other eras too, like the 1940’s and modern times as well. I guess if the writing is good and the story compelling, the era is not such a big issue for me.
    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! 😉


      You are welcome, Daniela. As a reader I feel as you do. The era doesn’t matter as long as the story is good. I would never take on the 40’s as Cat Gardiner ‘s wartime stories can’t be beat. She rules the era for me. Medieval? It might happen. Or, it might not. Or, it might.


    1) Medieval

    2) Emma is definitely a southern belle. Why did I never realize this before? And in that environment are so many things she would have taken for granted all her life and not questioned until Mr. Knightley helped her adjust her perspective. (And then suddenly she would become a crusader for change! Whoo! Mrs. Elton’s faction doesn’t stand a chance! Emma will boss every lady in the parish into submission.) (I fear that without the influence of the estimable George Knightley, Emma might have grown up a little too much like Lady Catherine.)

    3) In terms of Wentworth leaving and making his fortune, suppose it were the railroad building era? Probably more opportunity to really make a fortune in the U.S., but it could work in England… although a rail fortune wouldn’t take care of social standing the way naval rank did… It would work better in the U.S., with the Elliots as a high society (but fading fortune– Walter has no head for business, only for pomp) family in Boston, New York, or Philadelphia, and poor Anne surreptitiously following the rise of Wentworth Steel in the newspaper, so pleased and proud for Frederick, and so heartbroken and lonely, herself.

    Ahem. I seem to be a bit carried away with these ideas. 😉 I’m going to stop now!


    Joy, you could write Elizabeth and Darcy in any time period and make it worth a reader’s time to read it. But a medieval variation would be great. Just the thought of the size of the sword to bring Wickham to his knees is mind tingling. A fencing foil does the trick I know, but with a medieval sword one swish and he’d be headless!


    Personally, I love Meredith’s idea of a Sherlock Holmes-era setting. That would be amazing!!

    1. Medieval. Definitely medieval.
    2. I am not an Emma fan (she makes me cringe too much!), but the Antebellum South would be quite intriguing, accent and all. There is a sense of entitlement and aristocracy in that time period that would meld well with Emma’s personality. 😉
    3. Not a fan of either possibility for Persuasion. How about the American Revolution, with everyone being Americans in Boston? Or is that too close to the original?
    4. I like the idea of S&S in the time of the witch hunts. But I think 1950’s American might also be interesting. 😉
    5. Mansfield Park, please!!!!! (My favorite!!) And in modern times.
    6. I would like to see P&P in WWI/Downton Abbey time period.

    Thanks for this opportunity, Joy and Meredith!!

    Susanne 🙂


    Wow! Lots of interesting responses! I can’t really come up with anything original, so I’ll just have to echo some answers the others have said…

    1 I’ve just started watching “Game of Thrones”, so I’ll have to go with the medieval choice. Would there be as much sex and nudity in this P&P as there is is GoT? I hope not! (Oh, who am I kidding? )
    2. I’ve never liked Emma very much, but as I love the costumes of the antebellum South, I’d put her there. Plus, I’m a southern girl, so I think everything is better in the south.
    3. Hawaii, just because I’ve always wanted to go there.
    4. New England and the witch hunts. Could be very interesting!
    5. Mansfield Park, although neither is a favorite.
    6. P&P in Victorian times sounds good, especially if Thornton is there as well!

    Thanks for the fun questions! And for the great giveaway, too!


      I’m tickled you stopped by, Pam. Somehow, I can see Emma and Harriet Smith sitting on the veranda sipping sweet tea as they sweltered in the heat. Mr. Knightley would never allow the humidity to make him break a sweat, would he? Oh, man! Now this is STUCK in my mind.


    I would love to see one set in “Once Upon a Time” time. I guess this is loosely classified as “medieval” but true medieval times were so barbaric and gritty, if you write it authentically, it can make for a darker story. If it were set up more in terms of a fairy tale setting you can have the lords and ladies, princes and princesses, etc. without the plague and the feuds. 🙂
    I actually almost always prefer a Regency setting, but one of my favorite non-Regency variations was Joy’s book Darcy’s Mail Order Bride which was such a clever alternate setting!


    Not sir what happened to my first comment so I’ll do my best to reshape what I said. I’d love to see it set in the 80’s. Can you imagine Darcy in pegged jeans, Elizabeth with big bangs! And the dance in Netherfield – Darcy would of course have to break dance. Craziness! I love all your stories and endeavor to keep up with you. ~ j


    Hello ladies! Meredith, your comment “I am welcoming one of the kindest and most genuine people in the Jane Austen community to Austenesque Reviews…” is so true of Joy! As for the questions:

    1) Medieval but in Scotland…I can just picture Darcy on the cover in his kilt wielding his Claymore…move over Jamie (mind you I love him in the Outlander series…maybe they could be cousins?)!
    2) Antebellum South for Emma…just feels right!
    3) Hawaii…the further away Mr. Collins is the better!
    4) I’d go for New England witch hunt story for Sense and Sensibility as long as Lucy Steele gets her due!
    5) I love both Northanger Abbey and Mansfield Park!

    As for the era I would like other than my favourite Regency? I’m with Michelle…medieval Scotland however I could go for late Victorian / early Edwardian era too. But then I like the idea of the 1960’s and all the Bennet girls as a flower child! ‘Where have all the flowers gone…long time passing” I love that song!

    Please don’t enter me in the giveaway, as I too have been lucky to win an Amazon card…spread the ‘Joy’ around!


    Medieval or Viking…either would be interesting. I can definitely envision Emma antebellum South. Persuasion and Hawaii. Typical Lydia. Northanger Abbey over Mansfield Park.


      It was pretty typical of Lydia, wasn’t it? Brat child! I’m not sure if Bingley would be able to keep from injuring himself if he had a big sword so I may have to choose a less violent era. Unless he lopped off Caroline’s tongue, he could be a problem.


    I think it would be interesting to go back to when the D’Arcy’s came to England. Loved this fun post, Joy.


    Honestly Vikings and Cleopatra are like a siren song. I’ll take Darcy and Elizabeth any way you choose to give them dear Joy!


    I’d love to read a Pride and Prejudice variation set the 1920’s. How would Darcy cope with a madcap flapper Elizabeth? Votes for women!!!


    Thank you for your generosity! I’ve always loved reading your books. Thanks for the giveaway 🙂


    1)Epuld love to read a Viking inspired P&P!
    2)Woyld love to read of Emma set in the South.
    4)S&S during the witch hunts? Perfect!
    6) A Titanic inspired P&P!

    Cheers for such a generous giveaway!!


      Titanic? Awesome. The conflict could be enhanced by those they love not taking the warning seriously. Darcy and Lizzy would work together to save lives including their own. Hmmm! I have to stew on this one.


    I would love to see Persuasion in 1492. In fact, I would love to just see more Persuasion!

    How about 1950’s for P&P?


      I completely agree. I’d love to read Captain Wentworth as a world explorer who happened upon the Eliots stranded in some foreign port after the father had gotten them kicked off a ship. Oooo! That idea is delicious. The 50’s? I’ll sure think about it. Thanks!


    Medieval for Bingley, and Antebellum South for Caroline… and for Lydia, yes! I love reading about the history of the witch hunts (not that I’m a fan OF the witch hunts haha)


      Thank you for stopping by, Miss Laurie May. That particular era of American history makes me slightly anxious just thinking about it, especially when Lydia Bennet would be in the middle of the fray. She was born for trouble and I can’t imagine the danger she would place her family in if let loose during that time period. Caroline Bingley would have her corset cinched tighter than any other debutante’s so her waist was the smallest. Of course, that would squeeze all the oxygen from her brain so her scathing comments would be delivered with the barest of gentility.


    I just love this post, Joy and Meredith! Firstly, please don’t enter me in the giveaway. I’ve been lucky to have won a few recently, so I’d like to step down from this one and let others have a better chance. I’d love to answer the questions, though.

    1) Medieval. I’m a big fan of George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Fire and Ice novels and the associated TV series Game of Thrones.

    2) The antebellum South. And I think Gwyneth Paltrow would have made a better Southern Emma than she did her Regency one. Can you tell I wasn’t keen on her take on the role?

    3) Hawaii please. One of the places on my bucket list.

    4) The witch hunt setting sounds intriguing.

    5) Yes!!!

    Finally, my own preferred setting for an alternative era, as it’s me, would be for a decent sci-fi re-telling of P&P. I’ve even got a scenario sketched out in my mind that I’ve tried to write down but I’m rubbish at dialogue and plotting. The basic premise is Darcy and Bingley are telepathic humanoid aliens searching for a member of their race who disappeared on a mission to Earth. They have to “switch off” their telepathic abilities whilst on Earth, otherwise the “background noise” from the thoughts of we undisciplined humans would drive them crazy. This is why Darcy and Bingley totally misread Elizabeth and Jane as per canon. Oh, and there’s got to be an epic space battle somewhere in there, too, but I haven’t figured out how to work that in yet!


      Incredible! I hope you find an opportunity to write this story, Anji. I’d skip the book form and go straight to a screenplay. I can’t imagine Bingley with a space weapon. He’d hurt himself. Caroline would blast Elizabeth into a zillion tiny particles the first time Darcy showed interest. Cool!


      Thanks so much for checking out this post, Anji! And congrats on your lucky wins! Your idea sounds wonderful, Anji! And you know I’m not big into sci-fi reading, but I would definitely read that story! I hope you do write it!! 😉


    Great “interview “.

    * Pride and prejudice set at DowntonAbbey, with a strong lady Catherine.

    * Emma would be fitting as a Southern Belle.

    And sometimes I would like to whisper some advise to the main characters.


      You whisper advice? Coolness, Iris. I think I need to watch Downton Abbey. I have all of the series but haven’t set aside the time yet. I can’t imagine a time when Lady Catherine would be weak or vulnerable. Of course, that’s an idea in itself, isn’t it? Thanks for stopping by.


    I would totally read P&P set in the late 1800’s with Elizabeth Bennet as a suffragette. Can you imagine the tension between a traditionally-minded Darcy and a suffragette? It would be epic! Thanks for the giveaway!!


      Great idea, Leah. You haven’t been the first to mention this particular setting. I’ll need to think on it a bit. I have no difficulty seeing the challenges between our couple with the issue of women’s rights being the background for their relationship. Oh, yes. I do need to think upon this one. Thanks!


    1) Pride and Prejudice set in Medieval times.

    2) Emma floating lazily on the Nile River trying to hang out with Cleopatra.

    3) Persuasion When James Michener penned the epic novel, “Hawaii”.

    4) Sense and Sensibility set in New England during the witch hunts, sounds good.

    5) Mansfield Park, is actually one of my favorite books.

    6) I like the idea of a P&P story set on a cruiseship. Elizabeth and her sisters part of the crew. Darcy and his sister as posh passengers. Lady Catherine also on board, as is the odious Mr Collins… A huge ship and yet the paths of our beloved couple continue to cross one another.


    Hmm, tough question. Typically, once I see it, then I know whether I like it or not. No help, I know. I think all of the settings you pose in questions 1-4 would work well with P&P. The only problem I can see with any of them, is the research that you would have to do in order to be accurate.
    Thank you for your awesome generous giveaway!


    I like Charlotte’s idea of a cruise ship setting! How about on a cruise ship to the Hawaiian Islands! I’m afraid I don’t have the imagination to write something awesome like you — but I do like the Hawaiian Cruise Ship idea! Something different, right???? LOL.


    How about a trip on the titanic!!


    Pride and Prejudice during the Viking’s conquest of the north Atlantic. Emma set in the antebellum South. Persuasion in the year 1492 when Columbus sailed the ocean blue. Not a fan of Sense and Sensibility set in New England during the witch hunts.. But a new Mansfield Park has options I’m sure.

    I love the Roaring Twenties, the clothes the jewels, the music… All good fun, I can picture them all at a smokey club when they first meet.

    But then I can also see Lizzie as a bit of a hippie girl in the 1970’s. Flower in her hair, walking barefoot, something Lady Catherine would not approave of at all. Darcy feels the same at first but first impressions can be deceiving, isn’t it so?!

    Or what I really would LOVE to read is it set in modern days. P&P could take place on Darcy’s wonderful estate => A cooking competition, master chef meets the great Brittish Bake off type of thing. As the show goes on over a couple of weeks, the fire in the ovens isn’t the only thing causing sparks to fly. They also occur between the gorgeous landowner and the promissing Bennet girl taking part in the competition. Aswell as between Bingley the cameraman and shy Jane a fabulous baker also going for first place in the show 🙂


    As always, a big fan of Joy and Meredith, you deliver another great interview. I always love coming here and see any new posts.

    On to the questions.

    I would love to see Pride and Prejudice during Vikings era. I can just see Darcy with long thick hair.(Of course I am imagining the Dad from How to Train a Dragon) Emma I would love to see in the South and I have read a story in which she is from the South but doesnt live there. I can see Persuasion done during Columbus sailing the ocean blue. And I have never been too crazy about witch hunts, so I dont know about that one. And although neither MP or NA are my favorite JA novels, I much prefer MP. I would like to see Pride and Prejudice in a hospital environment. Havent seen much of that yet.


      Gabrela, thank you. Doctor Darcy? Nurse Lizzy? I’ve read a few online but I’ve not considered doing so myself. I think the amount of research would be incredible. Nevertheless, you have planted the idea. We shall see. All the best to you.


    I know this has been explored before in several published books but P&P set during WWI or WWII (or Korean war/Vietnam war) sounds like a good idea. But if you are willing to go further, why not write a Persuasion-themed novel that takes place during the first or second world war.


      Terrific suggestions, thank you. The Persuasion theme recommendation is excellent. May mind is spinning with details. My only drawback would be how Capt. Wentworth could make his fortune while he was away. But I’m still pondering. Again, thank you.


    I missed this during my 30 days in the hospital but it was an interesting read…even this late. Thanks for sharing.

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