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Hello readers!  I am so excited to welcome back the lovely Lory Lilian to Austenesque Reviews today.  How many books have I read and loved by Lory Lilian, you ask?  So.  Many.  See photo below.  I am so glad that Lory is here to celebrate another new release!  A new release for which I share some blame in apparently! Oh no! 

Hello everyone,

Six years after my first visit here, I am very happy to be back with my latest book, for which Meredith is partially guilty. To be completely accurate, she shares the “blame” with Claudine–LOL–as they were the ones who introduced into my mind the idea that Elizabeth and Darcy in my books are a little “too perfect” and more angst would be welcome. Well, here it is.

I am not sure if you remember, but in my last guest post at Austenesque Reviews, I asked readers’ opinions about why we love Darcy so much and why we feel so strongly about him.

On that occasion, I shared with you that my latest Darcy (this one) will retain some important (and rather unpleasant) traits from the original, just as he described them in his own words. He has a resentful temper. His good opinion once lost, is lost (almost) forever. He has faults enough, but also many admirable qualities. And most of all, he is very much in love with Elizabeth.

As I expected, people feel very deeply about Darcy. My “Rainy Days” Darcy especially seems to be everyone’s favorite. LOL!  I confess I am pleased to see that my books get such strong reactions from my dear readers. On the other hand, I cannot but ask myself: Since we know so little about Darcy’s turmoil during “Pride and Prejudice,” which “kind” of Darcy is the true one? What is your favorite in JAFF stories: the one who easily admits his feelings and acts according to them earlier or the one who struggles with them, fights against them, and shows his bad temper and resentment before finally reaching his well-deserved happiness with Elizabeth?

Here is an excerpt from “A Man with Faults” to illustrate my point. Maybe it will help you decide your preference LOL.

That morning had every sign of being an ordinary one. It arrived like many others, with nothing but more torment for Darcy’s tired mind.

However, unlike other mornings, he suddenly decided to behave differently. He determined that he would put an end to the useless torment of the last months and regain control over his life. The moment had arrived. He had been ridiculous for too long. He could not allow himself to go on in the same manner.

He had to pay adequate attention to his responsibilities. Too many people depended on him and too many expectations were demanded of him to afford such a failure.

Darcy moved to the library early. He instructed his servants that he not be disturbed until he rang for them. He also wrote a short note to Georgiana, informing her he would be busy the entire day, so she should not worry about his absence.
He opened the curtains, then the window. It was a pleasant, though still cloudy, morning. The air smelled of freshness.

Darcy spread the pile of papers on his desk. His solicitor had sent him several letters, which he never took the trouble of answering. Also, his uncle the earl had written him twice on both business and family matters, and he had offered no response. He had neglected everyone but would do so no more.

His sister, his aunts, his cousins, his tenants—all needed his support and consideration. He was compelled to keep his mind clear, keen, and concentrated on what was important.

There was no room left for Elizabeth Bennet in his thoughts.

His disappointment in her was now complete: she responded to his love with disdain, to his passion with derision, and to his commitment with a reckless elopement with Wickham. Where was she now? Were they wedded? Would she accept staying with that man without marriage? And where would she live? What income would they have? Where would Wickham take her?

He furiously pulled the curtains closed again, pacing the room in darkness.

How could he be so weak in keeping his own resolution? How could it happen that, in less than a minute, he started thinking of her again? Would he ever be able to get past this? Beyond her? His life would be miserable as long as he was haunted by this obsession but—silly Elizabeth—hers would be the same by the side of one of the least honourable men. Wickham—the man she chose over him.
If only he could rip her out of his heart too, he would perhaps be peaceful and tranquil.

When the door to his library opened, he only shouted: “leave!” But his valet Watts approached him bravely.

Sir, I apologise for the intrusion. I know your orders, but I could not ignore the matter. A young lady is calling on you. She claims it is a most urgent situation; Mrs. Gilbert was uncertain of how to proceed, and I took the liberty of informing you.”

Darcy glanced at his valet with an incredulous expression mixed with curiosity.

Besides my sister and my cousin, I can hardly imagine any other young lady needing my advice on an urgent matter. This is quite peculiar. Is the young woman still here?”

Yes, sir. She is waiting in the main hall.”

Very well, go fetch her, and we will see what she wants.”

The servant had almost exited the room when Darcy called to him.

Watts, do you happen to know her name?”

Yes sir. Miss Bennet. Miss Elizabeth Bennet.”

Darcy’s shoulders crushed under the weight of the news.

Ps. Dear readers, do not worry. Of course Elizabeth did not elope with Wickham.

Whew!  But I am dying to know what happens next!!!  Poor Lizzy, what is happening to her?!? She must be desperate to come to Mr. Darcy!   Gahhhh! 

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  75 Responses to “Excerpt + Giveaway with Author Lory Lilian!!!”


    OMG!That excerpt left me so curious! Elizabeth eloped with Wickham? Maybe Darcy misunderstood something there! I need to know more!!! 😀 Thank you for the giveaway, Lory and congratulations on your new book!


    Now why would Darcy believe that she had eloped, probably very relieved that she still calls herself Bennet


    Oh, thank goodness Elizabeth didn’t run off with Wickham! I don’t think my heart could take that!

    Wonderful excerpt! Thanks for a chance to win a copy of the book!


      Pam, I am not strong enough to write a story where E would elope with W. Huge angst wimp here 🙂


    Oh lorry, you blew angst meter of the chart in this excerpt. Brooding and resentful Darcy is very much in character though.
    Congratulations on the book release and great sales / KU readership :). Thanks for the giveaway. 🙂


    I love all Lory’s books. She is my very favourite P & P author, although there are other fantastic authors out there whose books I love. Can’t wait to read this one. Thank you Lory. I hope you are busy writing another book!!! LOL


      Thank you, Michelle. Actually, I did start working on the next one. I dedicate more than half of my time to writing, so I am more productive than in the past 🙂


    I have read this one so leave me out of the drawing please. I just wanted to say there was so much heartache and resentment in this one. I think Darcy was behaving as he was prone to but it doesn’t make you want to shake him any less. Poor Lizzie and Georgiana get the brunt of it but they also get the resolution. Great book as always.


      Thank you, Stephanie. I am sorry the story gave you headache, but I promise the next one will be light and sweet 🙂 LOL


    I need to know what happens next! This book sounds fantastic. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. Thanks for the giveaway.


      Oh, thanks so much Anna – you are so kind! Hope you will enjoy the book soon and enjoy it. Good luck in the giveaway.


    I now own this book and did post a review…love all her stories. Not to be missed. I, too, love angst in my stories.


    Even this makes me feel sorry for him. I must have a serious word with Rita and Claudine though – although I love this book and have already read it twice, the thing I most love about Lory’s books is that Darcy and Elizabeth get together early with lots of romance to follow. Luckily Lory couldn’t make Darcy really dark so although thus book was torture I still loved it.
    Obviously please don’t enter me in the giveaway as I have all her books both as ebooks and paperbacks ❤❤


      Ok, ok – I promise the next one will be light, sweet and mushy and they will get together very early in the story 🙂


      So glad to hear you loved this one, Glynis! Yay! I think I’m the opposite, though. I usually don’t want to see Darcy and Elizabeth get together early… I mean of course I want them to get together! but it is always fun to have it drawn out a little more and build up!


    Please please please pick me.I would love to read the continuing story..


    I haven’t yet read any of Lory’s books, though they are on my TBR list. Would love to win one of them, thanks for the opportunity.


      Miriam, my books are soooo old that I was certain everybody read at least one of them LOL 🙂 🙂 🙂 . They are all in KU too :-). Good luck in the giveaway.


      Ooh! I hope you get the chance to read one of Lory’s books soon!


    Yes, I do like the Darcy who tries to get control of himself! (Altho’ of course we all know it’s futile.) But Elizabeth calling on him … alone? This needs further clarification and I cannot wait to discover all the answers. Intriguing to say the least.


      Janis, I do hope the settings explain very clearly Elizabeth’s decision on calling alone :-). Not an easy one though 🙂


    I love the idea of a more angry Darcy and can’t wait to read this! Thank you for sharing, would love to win!


      Glad you like the premise, Laura. Thanks for your comment and good luck in the giveaway.


      I think Darcy’s resentment is understandable, as Lory says, Darcy admits early on to these failings. Best of luck in the giveaway!


    The excerpt was interesting enough to cause me to hit Amazon and buy the book. Looking forwards to reading it on an upcoming trip!


    Elizabeth and Wickham?!? I cannot wait to read the rest! Thank you, also, for the giveaway.


    Though I’ve heard quite a lot about Lory Lilian and her books I still haven’t reasd any of them yet. Would love to win this giveaway for a chance to taste her work!
    (I also hope Darcy was clever enough to realise she still called herself Miss Bennet which means no elopement = hope for him!!)


      Priscilla, I wish you good luck in the giveaway and hope you will read some of my books soon :-). I have been for sooooooo long in JAFF, that I thought everybody is already tired of my old stories (Rainy Days is almost 13 years old and Remembrance of the Past is 11 🙂 )


    I think when change is something one works for it is one people can believe more readily, we have all had to make changes and they never happened overnight, we had to work for it. Plus when we work so hard to make them we are much more inclined to keep to them so k the harder he worked to change the more like he will be to remain the man she married.


    love the excerpt!


    This on my too read list. Thank you for making it available through Kinfke Unlimited.


    I love all your books and can’t wait for this one


    Oh my….oh! This sounds like a wonderfully intriguing misunderstanding. Why is she there….oh I must read!


    I, too, love Lory Lilian’s books. It is too funny that Darcy decides to put Elizabeth behind him and move on with his life and responsibilities and suddenly she appears on his doorstep! What could she be thinking calling on him? I like this type of Darcy. Elizabeth just melts the man. Thank you for the excerpt and giveaway.


      Thanks so much for your kind words about my books, Eva. Well, Elizabeth thought she had no other choice but to call on Darcy – alone 🙂 Hope it makes sense when you will read it. Good luck in the giveaway.


      I know! I love the irony! Darcy and his best laid plans!


    You are awesome. Love your books.


    Oh my giddy aunt! You could hear the clunk when my jaw hit the floor just now as I was reading the excerpt – Elizabeth eloping with Wickham! Then, I read the rest and realised that Darcy must have misunderstood something, somehow, especially if she’s still calling herself “Miss Elizabeth Bennet”. Oh Darcy! I hope that you won’t be sticking to “my good opinion, once lost, is lost forever” once the truth comes out.

    I’ve not read all of Lory’s books yet, but only have The Perfect Match and this new one left to go. All of the others are wonderful and full of Lory’s trademark “hot mush”! Rainy Days was my first and still remains my favourite. A Man with Faults might change that, though, as I do love some angst in my JAFF.

    On a more sombre note, sorry to hear about the problem Lory had with someone using her name to publish what looked like an extremely rubbishy short story. Thankfully, Amazon seem to have taken it down pretty quickly after this fantastic JAFF community rallied round and started posting reviews pointing out the problem.


      Anji, thank you so much for your kind words about my books. If you like angst, I expect you will like AMWF more than RD :-). But you are right of course- I could never allow Elizabeth to elope with Wickham in my story – I am just not brave enough for that LOL.
      As for my problems with Amazon – it was very unpleasant and first, they replied to my email that they cannot do anything about it, as it is allowed to have multiple authors with the same name. 🙂 But the reaction from the jaff community was so quick and strong that the fake book was taken down within a couple of hours. I am grateful to everyone for their support.


      I had the same reaction, Anji! It will be interesting to see if Darcy has his implacable resentment or if he relents and helps Elizabeth! I’m wondering to see if this one becomes my new favorite too, I think my current favorite is Sketching Mr. Darcy. 😉 Hope you get the chance to read it soon! Thanks so much for the lovely comment!

      PS I can’t believe how many people are trying to rip off books and authors! That is terrible! I’m glad to hear that amazon was cooperative and took the book down! The JAFF community is indeed so amazing! So many lovely and supportive people!


    Rainy Days is one of my all-time favorites, and I re-read it regularly. I love all of LL’s books and am excited for this new one. Thanks for the excerpt and giveaway!


    Wow! What an excerpt! I can’t wait to read more. Thank you for the giveaway.


    Yes, very curious. What makes him think that she eloped with Wickham? Was it something that she said, or is it just Darcy filling in the blanks with his own worst-case scenario? And now, what is she doing there? You know she must be pretty desperate to come to him. I just gotta read it!


      Ginna, thanks for the comment. Yes, she is very desperate and he is just inclined to think the worse :-).


    The books I own of Lory’s are on the top of my JAFF re-read list. However, I couldn’t choose which one was my fave because it depends on which one I feel like reading again, NOW.

    Oh my stars, was this excerpt ever compelling. I gotta have it! Whew, Lory. It looks like you hit another one right out of the ballpark. Pick me!!! 🙂

    OH YOU PEOPLE WHO HAVE NOT READ ANY OF HER BOOKS YET. I FEEL SO SAD FOR YOU. I REALLY really REALLY hope you all can remedy that soon!!!!


      Michelle, you are always so kind and supportive:-).Hugs and hope you will read this book too – very soon.


    I adore Lory Lillian’s books! I’ve read many of them and find each one entrancing!! Thank you, Lory, for writing such lovely variations of Austen’s works for us!!


    Oh, gosh! I cannot imagine Lizzy eloping with Wickham! Now I’m really curious about what happened before! 🙂
    Thank you for the giveaway 🙂


      Well, she did not elope actually :-). Only Darcy tends to think the worse :-). Good luck in the giveaway 🙂


    I just finished “A Man with Faults” and enjoyed it a lot.


    Such an abrupt end to the excerpt, Lory. It left me wanting to know what will happen next and to learn the whole story of why Darcy would think Elizabeth has eloped with his enemy. Thank you for sharing it, Lory.


      Thank you so much for the comment ! I hope you will read the book soon and will find the rest :-). Good luck in the giveaway !

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