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Hi friends!  I am very excited to feature Reina Williams, author of several books including two Austenesque serieshere on Austenesque Reviews today! Reina has been a long time reader and friend to this blog (she has even sent me some books for my ARC giveaways!), but this is her very first visit to this blog to talk about her books! Today, Reina is sharing a little excerpt from her Pride and Prejudice sequel series, Love at Pemberley, to whet your appetite!  We hope you enjoy!

Thanks to Meredith for hosting me on her lovely blog and to all the amazing readers and writers who visit—you all have inspired me throughout my journey as a reader and writer! My writing journey began in earnest in 2009 after reading some Darcy-related fiction. My own ideas for Regency romance poured out and became my first series, A Gentleman’s Daughter, set in a world similar to Jane Austen’s, of the landed gentry and their trials and triumphs. In the midst of working on another series during the 200th anniversary year of Pride and Prejudice, a new idea tickled at me: the story of Kitty Bennet and Colonel Fitzwilliam. This idea became Most Truly, the first novella in the Love at Pemberley series. Three novellas followed, continuing the beloved story of Pride and Prejudice in sweet, light stories (I can’t and don’t try to match the style and wit of Ms. Austen). My latest Austen-inspired series, Rancho Valle (Jane Austen in California), is contemporary and set in the fictional “country village” of Rancho Valle, in Sonoma County, where the locals find family and love.

This excerpt is from the second book in the Love at Pemberley series, Miss Darcy Decides, wherein Georgiana must decide if Sir Camden Sutton, a neighbor of the Bingleys (in their new home closer to Pemberley than Netherfield), is worthy of her love—and if so, whether she can leave her beloved family, and Pemberley. Sir Camden has returned home, awaiting her decision, and visits with the Bingleys (had to have the Bingleys!). 🙂


A few hours later, Camden sat on a blue sofa in the Bingleys’ drawing room. The apartment was as cheerful as his hosts—light fabrics, well-lit, and somehow comforting, as if it had been their home for some time, rather than less than a year.

Miss Mary Bennet, a rather pinched-looking, thin version of her older sister Jane Bingley, sat on a nearby chair reading a book of sermons. Camden’s host sat, relaxed, on the other end of the sofa. Mrs. Bingley entered the room, looking every bit an old master’s Madonna with her babe. Her light brown hair and classic features were highlighted, as was the smiling tenderness with which she presented her young son.

Young Charles Bingley, well-clothed and round-cheeked, displayed a smile similar to his father’s. He reached out a tiny hand toward Camden, who met the gesture by offering his finger, as if they were friendly acquaintances shaking hands.

Baby Charles’s hand was warm, smooth, full of the promise of life. Camden swallowed. How wrong he had been. Death may be ever-present, but so was life. Grief need not be alone—it could be accompanied by joy.

“He has a strong hand.” Camden smiled at the beaming new parents.

“He is a perfect little fellow,” Bingley declared.

Young Charles let go of Camden’s hand in favor of his mother’s.

“May I play the song he likes?” Miss Bennet said.

Camden glanced at her. She was attractive, in her way, when she was not pinching her face into a frown.

Mrs. Bingley nodded. “Thank you, Mary.” She faced her son to her. “Your aunt will play you a song.” She cradled him in her arms, which she rocked gently in time to the melody.

Camden sat back and crossed his legs. Contentment washed over him, the waters of a sun-warmed sea. Soon enough, Georgiana would be here. Then his life could truly begin.


Thanks for reading! Do you have a favorite character from one of Jane Austen’s books? I confess a special fondness for Emma. 🙂 Thanks again for letting me visit your blog, Meredith! Happy reading, everyone!

Oh thank you so much, Reina! Ahhh! The Bingleys are so sweet together!  I loved this tender scene.  (YAY #TeamBingley!) And I can’t wait to learn more about Sir Camden!  

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Reina kindly brings with her 5 LOVELY ebooks (WINNER’S CHOICE) for me to randomly give away to FIVE lucky readers. (Winners can choose between the Love at Pemberley ebook compilation or one book from the Rancho Valle series.)


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  33 Responses to “Excerpt + Giveaway with Author Reina M. Williams!!!”


    I really enjoyed this guest post! I read Miss Darcy Decides a while back and enjoyed it. Of course, my favorite Austen character is Elizabeth Bennet, but I also love Emma and Anne Elliot as well. It’s really hard to pick a favorite. Thanks for the giveaway!


    I’ve read book 1 in the Love at Pemberley Series and loved it. I have the other three on my wish-list. I will always hold Elizabeth Bennet as a favorite character; however, I also have an affinity for Fanny Price, because they have such a problem in depicting her in the movies. She is very misunderstood and they struggle to convey that on the screen.

    Much success Ms Williams in the launch of your books. I look forward to reading and reviewing future offerings. Blessings!!

    Thanks Meredith for the post and for all you do for the JAFF community. What would we do without you? I shudder to think. Have a blessed day everyone.


      Thank you, J.W.! Good point–movies haven’t depicted Fanny well…I wonder if someone will try again? And, I don’t know what we’d all do without Meredith, either! Hope to “see” you in Sophia Rose’s Austenesque Goodreads group (I found it through Meredith, of course!:) Blessings to you as well.


      Hi Jeanne! I’m so glad to hear you loved the first story, I can’t wait to read them all myself. 🙂 I agree with you about Fanny Price, I have a soft spot for her too.

      Your comments are so kind, thank you so much for visiting my blog and for sharing your thoughts with us!


    I always **love** your books, Reina, and I so appreciate your following my blog, too. 🙂

    I can easily tell you my least favorite Austen heroine: Emma. She drives me up the wall!! My favorite is the unassuming Fanny Price because I think our characters are similar although she is far more forbearing!! I admire her for standing firm on her beliefs regarding Henry Crawford even with everyone in her family, including her beloved Edmund, frustrated or angry with her for refusing the match. (You can probably guess that Jane Eyre is my favorite literary heroine, LOL!)

    Thanks for this dear excerpt; I very much enjoyed it! 🙂

    Have a lovely week!

    Susanne 🙂


      Thank you, Susanne! I love your blog! Ah, I thought you might say that about Emma. 🙂 It seems we both love two Janes–Jane Austen and Jane Eyre–so we can leave any disagreement about Emma aside. 🙂
      Thanks for reading and hope you have a lovely week as well. I look forward to your next blog post!


    I have Most Truly which I enjoyed so I would like to read the rest in the series. My favourite characters are – surprise surprise – Darcy and Elizabeth. I just love stories about these two . Thank you for the excerpt and the giveaway.


    Thank you for the excerpt. I wonder if Miss Darcy will want to leave Pemberly. I have not read any of these books and would love to win one! My favorite character is Elizabeth Bennet. I love her intelligence and wit. She is a joy in the Regency world. Thank you for the giveaway.


    Thanks, Meredith, for hosting and your work to make this a lovely post! You’re amazing!


      You are too kind, Reina! I’m so happy to have you as my guest! Thank you so much for putting together a lovely post (especially with the Bingleys!)


    Enjoyed Miss Darcy Decides…Georgianna is one of my favorites secondary characters and I love to see her POV in a story.
    Thanks for the chance to win.


      Thanks for reading, Stephanie. Have you read Anna Elliot’s Georgiana books? I think they’re lovely. There are so many great books, it’s hard to keep up! A nice “problem” to have, though. 🙂


    I always like reading about different characters, even if D&E are my favorite. Georgiana is one of my favorite supporting characters.
    Thanks for the recommendation and the giveaway. 🙂


    I really loved this post! I love it when I read your posts and find an author whose work I haven’t read yet!! Thanks!!


    That was interesting in that with the second observation about Mary I am wondering if he will continue to think about Georgiana or if she will turn him down and he finds another love interest. Thanks for the excerpt. And, Meredith, for the introduction of an author with whom I am not familiar.


    Oh, I forgot to add that Elizabeth Bennet is my favorite character.


      Thanks for your comments, Sheila! Elizabeth Bennet is a favorite of mine too. Is there any Austen fan who doesn’t love her? I haven’t met one yet.


    I have not read any of these books, but they sound very interesting. My favorite character is aunt because she gets her happy ever after after such a long wait.


    Like the majority of folk here, Elizabeth Bennet is my favourite Austen heroine, followed by Anne Elliot. However, the lady I most closely empathise with is Elinor Dashwood, both in personality and in having a younger sister who was very much a Marianne when we were at the ages they were in S&S.

    I’ve got Most Truly lined up in my playlist of JAFF audiobooks but have yet to listen to it, so it’d be lovely to win the compilation set of ebooks.

    Like Sheila, I also picked up on Camden’s second observation of Mary and it intrigued me rather.

    Thanks for the lovely post and generous giveaway.


    Love meeting a author I’m unfamiliar with! I enjoyed the excerpt and look forward to reading your books! Thank you for the giveaway opportunity.


    My favorite is Elizabeth Bennet, I know not very original. But I cannot help but admire a girl that speaks her mind.


    What a sweet scene in the excerpt reina! And what an original idea of kitty and col. Fitzwilliam together, how did you come up with that combo? Such an unexpected match! My favourite jane austen character is elizabeth because of her strength and wit, but I also like Anne elliott for her kind heart. She is also very strong in her own way. Thanks to you both for the giveaway!


      Thanks, Debbie! The idea for Kitty and Col. Fitzwilliam popped into my imagination one day as I was re-reading P&P, and I had to write it! 🙂 Good luck in the giveaway, everyone!


    I really enjoyed the first in the series Love at Pemberley, so I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series


    I like Emma too but colonel Fitzwilliam has a special place in my heart! <3
    Thank you for this post and for the chance to win and read Love at Pemberley!

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