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Hello Austenesque Friends!

I hope you are doing well!  Did you have a lovely February?  My February felt too busy and too fast!  Between my music studio growing and keeping my days filled and Mr. Bingley traveling a lot of the weekends, we felt like the month was a bit of a blur!

Although while Mr. Bingley was out of town, I did get enjoy some great reading time.  So I guess that is a good achievement for the month. 🙂

Also….we got new couches!!!  And all we want to do is sit in them, recline in them, and cuddle!!!

Even more than before, we’ve become obsessed with staying home!! 😉 Total hobbit mode!

How about you?   What has been keeping you busy? 🙂


Want to know what Austenesque fun I’m getting into this month?

…here is what’s on this month’s

Austenesque Agenda:







Kyra Kramer – March 1st


Shannon Winslow – March 10th

Sue Barr – March 20th

I’m so happy March is here!  I’ve got a lot to look forward to!

What are you looking forward to this month?


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Michelle Hall

Hi Meredith, I had a week’s holiday in lovely Derbyshire in February staying at a cottage on the Hardwick Hall Estate. Just went for lovely walks, read and went to the pub. Looking forward to the featured authors this month.

Brenda Webb Bigbee

February was a blur after someone plagiarized my cover for PASSAGES. Getting that straightened out and warning other authors kept me too busy to do anything else in February. However, now I am back to writing. I love all of Cat Gardiner’s books and Joy King’s, but I am interested to see what you think of some of the authors I don’t know. Can’t wait to read your comments.

Sheila Majczan

Brenda, so sorry to hear of that plagiarism…disgusts me when people act so vile. Hope you are or were able to get that resolved.


Congrats on your music studio growing, new couches, and reading! I need to do more of the latter! Happy March!

Sheila Majczan

Lovely agenda…having read most of these books already. Love all of Cat Gardiner’s & Joy’s. You will adore Ardently – this is one I have read twice already but have recently wanted to read again. Shannon’s new one is on my TBR soon list also. And I have read good things about the Mansfield Park books. Your new sofa sounds like you made a good decision in selecting it.

Abigail Bok

Looking forward to visits from dear friends! As my life has become more stressful and traumatic over the past two years, it has been a source of deepest comfort and satisfaction that my oldest friends have all dropped what they’re doing and come to spend time with me. All you busy folk out there, keep this in mind when you see a friend struggling! The impact far outweighs the effort.

On a more Austenesque note, I’m delighted to see more Mansfield Park stories coming out!

Teresa Broderick

Delighted you’re having friends to stay Abigail. Keep going. That’s all we can do. I think of you when I see you’re comments on GR and wonder how you’re doing.

I love the Conscience series and am currently re-reading WAC .I’ve read and enjoyed Ardently and The Abominable Mr Darcy. Sorry but I am not tempted by the Mansfield Park story as that is my least favourite of Jane’s books. I hadn’t heard of A Contrary Wind but apparently that is also a variation on Mansfield Park. I do have a number of books on my kindle still waiting to be read so hopefully I will get through some of those and I am eagerly awaiting a new book from Lory Lilian so hopefully that will be available soon. Happy… Read more »
Joana Starnes

Wonderful agenda, Meredith! And nothing like cuddling on the sofa 🙂

Can’t wait to hear what you thought about all these lovely books. Happy reading and enjoy!

Hi Meredith! I love your words “total hobbit mode” because I feel the same! LOL. I think the week takes us a lot of effort to deal with so many tasks at the same time that when weekend knocks at the door, we only wish to rest at home! 🙂 I see in your agenda you have a Shannon Winslow!. And 2 Mansfield Park stories : it will be interesting to compare both of them. A few weeks ago my mother surprised me with “Eligible ” by Curtis Sittenfeld, a modern adaptation of P&P with good reviews and, the best… Read more »
Sophia Rose

I imagine it wasn’t easy with Mr. Bingley traveling on the weekends, but glad you had some good reading time between the busyness of your studio.

Nice line-up of books and author visits. Have a marvelous March on those cozy couches. 🙂

Teresa Broderick

Well for me Meredith February just didn’t happen!! It was January and now it’s March. Madness!! I’m looking forward to A Contrary Wind and Mansfield Parsonage. I’ve decided this year I’m going to read variations other than P&P.

Jennifer Redlarczyk
Hey Meredith! A great lineup as always. I love it that you have a music studio, may I assume Piano, since I have seen you sitting at one in a few shots? I teach voice, violin and piano in Crown Point, Indiana where I live plus an online Music Appreciation Class. Can you imagine… I could hardly believe it when my live class went online. What else is keeping me busy, I’m actually in the final edits of my first ever book, Darcy’s Melody. I think you’ll enjoy it since Lizzy sings. Lots of references to music of the time.… Read more »

A lovely month ahead of you, Meredith! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Ardently! I have a long list already but I’d love to add that one, too! 😛

Love the phrase “total hobbit mode”! I wish I could make a planned reading list, but whenever I do, something always comes along to derail it! I have read some of the books on your list already though: Guilty Conscience, The Abominable Mr Darcy and Leap of Hope. The concept behind LoH is fascinating and although the other book in the series (Leap of Faith) isn’t JAFF, I’m going to be reading it anyway, as the lead character in it was mentioned in LoH and I want to know what happens to him. One of my planned jobs for March… Read more »
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