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Hi readers!  I am so excited to share this post with you! 🙂  Authorauthor-7_2014_wsp Maria Grace is my guest today and she was game to do something a little different for her author visit.  As you might have noticed, Maria Grace published two new releases in the last 3 months!!!  She is hard to keep up with, isn’t she?  Have you read all her stories?  If no, do you need some help figuring out which one you should read next?  We made an infographic to help with that…

Which Book by Maria Grace Should You Read Next?

How’d you do?  What Maria Grace book should you read next?

Share your results below and be entered to win a Maria Grace ebook of your choice!

~ New Releases by Maria Grace ~

Pemberley: Mr. Darcy’s Dragon 

pemberley-mr-darcys-dragonEngland is overrun by dragons of all shapes and sizes. Most people are blissfully unaware of them and the Pendragon Treaty that keeps the peace between human and dragon kind.  Only those born with preternatural hearing, like Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet are able to hear and converse with dragonkind.

When the first firedrake egg laid in a century is stolen from Pemberley, the fragile dragon peace teeters on collapse. Darcy has no choice but to chase down the thief, a journey that leads him to quaint market town of Meryton and fellow Dragon Keeper, Elizabeth Bennet.

Elizabeth shares a unique bond with dragons, stronger than anything Darcy has ever experienced. More than that, her vast experience and knowledge of dragon lore may be the key to uncovering the lost egg. . But Elizabeth can’t stand Darcy’s arrogance and doesn’t trust him to care properly for a precious baby firedrake. After all, he already lost the egg once. What’s to prevent it from happening again?

Can he win her trust and recover the stolen egg before it hatches and sends England spiraling back into the Dark Ages of Dragon War?


Courtship and Marriage in Jane Austen’s World

Jane Austen’s books are full of hidden mysteries for the modern reader. Why on earth courtship-and-marriage-in-jane-austens-worldwould Elizabeth Bennet be expected to consider a suitor like foolish Mr. Collins in Pride and Prejudice? Would Lydia’s ‘infamous elopement’ truly have ruined her family and her other sisters’ chances to marry?  Why were the Dashwood women thrown out of their home after Mr. Dashwood’s death in Sense and Sensibility, and what was the problem with secret engagements anyway? And then there are settlements, pin money, marriage articles and many other puzzles for today’s Austen lovers.

Customs have changed dramatically in the two centuries since Jane Austen wrote her novels. Beyond the differences in etiquette and speech, words that sound familiar to us are often misleading. References her original readers would have understood leave today’s readers scratching their heads and missing important implications.

Take a step into history with Maria Grace as she explores the customs, etiquette and legalities of courtship and marriage in Jane Austen’s world. Packed with information and rich with detail from Austen’s novels, Maria Grace casts a light on the sometimes bizarre rules of Regency courtship and unravels the hidden nuances in Jane Austen’s works.


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Maria kindly brings with her 1 LOVELY ebook WINNER’S CHOICE for me to randomly give away to ONE lucky reader.

To enter this giveaway, leave a comment, a question, or some love for Maria!!

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  44 Responses to “Guest Post + Giveaway with Author Maria Grace”


    You are a real Renaissance lady, Maria. Regency customs, sweet novellas, dragons. What a variety of interests. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway.


    I own them all so….LOL Always look for to new Maria books!! She knows this though. 🙂


    This sounds wonderful. Thank you


    I love her books…Mr Darcy’s Dragon was a favorite! I bet her book about courtship in Austens’ time would be an instructive read.

    Thank you!


    What a great idea! Love this chart! No need to enter me, as I have all of her books. 🙂


    I LOVE that chart! I am a little apprehensive about the dragon book as I’m not a fantasy fan, but the courtship book looks fascinating! I love learning all about the culture and customs of the Regency period.


    Great flow chart! And it shows the breadth of your capabilities, Maria! Am wondering: what made you think of dragons?


    I love the chart above. Such a great idea. I have several of Maria’s books. I enjoy her work tremendously. I haven’t read either “dragons” or “courtship”. I’d love to read the courtship one. The dragons might not be quite up my alley.


    Love your stories, Maria. Have all of them so I really don’t need to be considered for for the giveaway, but wanted to let you know that I love what you write. The flow chart is great.


    I have Courtship and Marriage lined up to read at Christmas. I wanted to be able to read it at leisure. Mind you I’ve dipped into it already. Couldn’t wait!!


    I am surprised and delighted to know that I own all the fiction titles, I will have to start on the non-fiction next


    Love Maria’s books! Can’t wait for the next ones…any idea when? Don’t enter me in the giveaway as I have both of these fabulous books! Just showing the love!


    I love your chart! Very very fun! 🙂


    That is such a neat way to figure out what book to read! Love the diversity of your work! I can’t believe I still have a good about of your work on my TBR list! I really enjoyed reading the “Given Good Principles” series and some of the stand alone books.


    I appreciate the authenticity yur research brings to your books.


    My result: Mr. Tracy’s Dragon! I even love the title! That is a fun and excellent flow chart! (And I never in a bazillion years would have dreamed I would say a flow chart was fun)


    I love all of Maria Grace’s books and have all of them either in print, ebook or audio format, some of them in more than one. I especially love the dragons but as a confirmed Anne McCaffrey fan that comes as no surprise. I love the graphic! Something to save and use for deciding which Maria Grace book to read next!


    One if my favorite authors 😀 I hope to read the Darcy Brothers or A Jane Austen Christmas !


    So many choices! It would be hard to choose just one!


    I cannot wait to read this one! I’ve read most of Maria’s books and they are always wonderful!!


    I have read most. Now it is time for dragons!


    Well, I got The Darcy Brothers! 😀 Will pick that one if I win! Loved this new idea to read a new book!


    I’m a big fan of yours, but haven’t picked up a copy of your dragon book yet. Look forward to reading it!

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