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Hello readers!  I am so excited to welcome back author Lory Lilian to Austenesque Reviews today!  As you may have seen, not too long ago Lory released a sequel (The Rainbow Promise) to one of her most beloved Pride and Prejudice variations – Rainy Days (one of my faves)!  In her guest post, Lory brings up one of our favorite topics, Mr. Darcy!Lory Lilian 

Dear Meredith, thank you for the opportunity to visit your blog again; it is always a pleasure to be here. Oh, and Happy Birthday one day late. Hope it was a wonderful and sweet one!

For today’s post, I planned to talk about something that has held my interest for a long time. In fact, I want to address a question for which I still do not have the right answer: Why do we love Darcy so much? Why can’t we have enough of him? What spell are we under that our interest is immediately roused at the mere mention of his name?

I know, I knowthe “problem” has been addressed many times. There have been sooooooo many articles and debates in the last year about the appeal of Darcy, the Darcy effect, and so on. So why ask it again?

Because things are different for usAustenesque people. We are not only in love with the “original” Darcyor with his different portraits in movies/miniseriesbut with hundreds of other versions of him.

I have always wondered at the genius of Jane Austen, who created a character that is very much alive after more than two hundred years and has become the dream and aspiration of so many women without having any real description of him.

Image credit: Pride and Prejudice 2005 Blog

Image credit: Pride and Prejudice 2005 Blog

We have no specific information about the color of his hair, about his eyes, or details about his features. We only know of his “ardent” love for Elizabeth and some strong traits of his character.

So, we started to build on thatto draw the portrait as it appeared in our dreamsand the fabulous world of JAFF was born.

Authors or readers, we all have a certain imagine of him. Sometimes we love, sometimes we hate the way Darcy is described in a certain variation, but we keep reading, and we keep wanting more.

And when we find one that perfectly matches our own image, we swoon over it and keep reading it again and againbut still want more.

So what is it that we are looking for in “Darcy”? What is the “perfect one”? There are so many of them out therewhich one is worthy of our love?

I have asked myself about this more often lately as I am in the middle of writing a new story, different from my others with a different Darcy—different, but very much the same in essentials.

The Rainbow PromiseThree months ago, I published my most recent book, The Rainbow Promisea sequel to Rainy Days.

For more than eleven years, I was delighted to see people enjoying Rainy Days and declaring this Darcy a most romantic and dreamy one.

My biggest challenge in finishing this sequelwhich was entirely written at readers’ requestswas to keep the charactersand especially Darcythe same as the readers remembered and loved him. And it was not an easy task.

After Rainy Days, I wrote four other books. In each of them, I tried to keep Darcy’s most important qualitiesas I understood them from reading Pride and Prejudice more than fifty timesbut also to add some original touches, some small things to raise the readers’ interest. In other words, in all my stories, the Darcy I am writing is always the sameyet different. So returning to my “first Darcy” was quite a challenge. Did I succeed in fulfilling my dear readers’ expectations? Hopefully yes, but I am always curious to hear the opinion of those who have read both books.

My latest Darcy will still keep some important traits from the original just as he described Rainy Daysthem in his own words. You guessed rightnot the best ones. He has a resentful temper. His good opinion once lost, is lost forever. He has faults enough, indeed, and all of them will be expanded in my newand quite full of angststory. But he will also be honorable, generous, kind, smart, powerful, determined, and many others, but most of all, very much in love with Elizabeth – his only true love. (Yes, there will be lots of hot mush too in case you were wondering…)

So, finally, here is the question I was talking about: What are the three most important qualities that you, dear readers, absolutely must find in any Darcy you are reading? What are the three things on which your own portrait of Darcy is built?

That is such a great question, Lory!  I am already mulling over what character traits are most important for me to see in Darcy and I look forward to seeing what ones everyone else chooses!  Thanks for starting such an interesting discussion!

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Lory kindly brings with her 2 LOVELY ebooks of The Rainbow Promise for me to randomly give away to TWO lucky readers.  Woot Woot!!!

  The Rainbow Promise The Rainbow Promise

To enter this giveaway, answer Lory’s question and leave her some love below!!

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  46 Responses to “Guest Post + Giveaway with Author Lory Lilian!!!”


    Integrity, loyalty, passion are the three qualities that I look for in a Darcy either in print or when evaluating a human. Thank you for the giveaway.


    He absolutely has to be honourable, loyal, and compassionate. Even if he doesn’t start out as compassionate at first, by the time Elizabeth loves him, he needs to truly feel for others. It’s her greatest gift to him.


    I suppose it’s because Darcy’s an ideal, a wish-fulfillment kind of character. But he’s not perfect. What I like very much about him is that even though he has faults, he is able to overcome them in the end for Elizabeth. The three qualities that I think make Darcy who he is, is his strength of character, his love for Elizabeth and those he hold dear, and his drive (passion) to accomplish what he wants to do or happen 🙂


    I like integrity, loyalty, & compassionate. (I could also use a dose of dimples and a deep rich baritone voice as an aside.) Thanks for featuring Lory’s new book. I have the kindle and have been reading it. Jen Red


    I love the exploration of his private self — shared only with closest family and friends — versus his public self. That dichotomy is incredibly fascinating and makes the best fodder for P&P variations I think. If I have to pin down core traits, I would say: passion, intelligence, and generosity.

    Have read Rainy Days multiple times, and just finished Rainbow Promise. Very true to the original and lovely moments… mush!.. shared in their marriage to satisfy!


    Only 3??? Well it will have to be passionate, romantic and besotted with Elizabeth for me. Luckily your Darcy is always all that and more Lory!! Can’t wait for the next book, any hints on date yet? Please don’t enter me in the giveaway Meredith as I have the ebook and the paperback.


    Oh what a tough question! Darcy encompasses for me a ‘Man’ not a ‘boy’ trying to act like a ‘man’. He has lived in the world and like it, has imperfections, but knows how to temper them and if he doesn’t, he works at doing so. Strength of character, respect and absolute devotion to the woman he loves are three of my top qualities in Darcy! I loved Rainy Days but have not yet read The Rainbow Promise. Thank you for the generous giveaway!


    It is difficult to pare his good traits down to 3 but Joy says it well. When I read a book, I want to be able to recognize Jane Austen’s Fitzwilliam Darcy. Don’t make him a rapist or one who keeps a mistress or even visits brothels regularly. So honor and integrity and respect all roll into one for me.

    Compassionate: show your love towards your family as well as those in your employ and circle of close acquaintances. (Never hurts in a book that I read to have some hints of sexual attraction towards Elizabeth, either.) Loyal: stand by your beliefs as well as those you have commitments towards, which would be family, friends and country.


    Strength, integrity, and passion. A cleft chin and a fabulous speaking voice only add to the appeal. Thanks so much for this generous giveaway.


    The three that always stand out for me is Darcy has to remain a man of honor/integrity, He has to remain a deeply thoughtful introvert at his core and he must be able (after some time) to realize that he is infinitely human and aware of his shortcomings. I enjoy when a JAFF writer gives him some more positive (can we say smile at the girl occasionally?) traits that make him easier to like earlier on, but it drives me nuts when he becomes almost gregarious and even more so when he becomes less honorable and more like the Ton.

    Please don’t enter me in the drawing as I already have the book! And enjoyed it very much! We, the readers that badgered you slightly, are very appreciative!! LOL


    Don’t put me in the drawing for I have all her books! My Darcy has to be honorable, passionate and loyal to a fault. Of course, it is a given that he is handsome and head over heels for Elizabeth. Thanks for the interview and Lory I look forward to more books from you.


    Darcy needs to be charming when talking to Elizabeth but shy when talking to other people, loyal and protective of his family and also Darcy has to be extremely respectful even with people who do not deserve it 😀


    Darcy must always be honorable, loyal and a man of only one woman: Elizabeth Bennet.


    Even something that has been discussed a lot is still fascinating when it’s Jane Austen related. I do love thinking about what traits I like in Mr. Darcy. I love when he is honorable, caring, and selflessly


    Passionate lover, Love for family, and Respectful of all his family members. There are so many qualities that one could describe Fitzwilliam Darcy. Compassionate towards others (especially after he changes for want of Elizabeth’s love). Honor, integrity, and loyalty which sometimes is extended to the wrong person (Wickham).


    What a wonderful post. I am looking forward to reading The Rainbow Promise. I have read Rainy Days many years ago and it still remains one of my favorite P&P stories. The qualities I most admire of Mr. Darcy are being honorable, his love for his family and his calm reserve. Of course when I read about Mr Darcy his voice in my head is Matthew McFayden’s velvet baritone… Swoon. Thanks for the giveaway. Leslie


    His honesty, being passionate & Steadfast.


    A Janeite’s favourite topic! I enjoy reading JAFF and different authors’ depictions of Darcy so I can fall in love with him over and over again. But I like him the most when he is shown as having integrity, loyalty, and an underlying passion that he is only partially capable of hiding. I have not read Rainy Days but would be honoured to give a copy of The Rainbow Promise a loving new home. Many thanks for a charming interview and generous giveaway.


    His strength of character and ardent love for Lizzie. Being being able to rectivy a situation by writing such a heartfelt and powerful letter. (Does that qualify as a quality?)


    Wow, just three and there are so many.
    Kindness, Honor and depth of his love for all those he loves.
    Rainy Days is a wonderful story and I’ve re-read it often would love to win a copy of THE RAINBOW PROMISE
    Thanks for the chance to win.


    I have three traits but four words. To me Darcy would be protective, honourable and have a strength that would be misinterpreted frequently. Thanks so much for the continuation!!


    That was supposed to read a “quiet strength that would be misinterpreted frequently”


    At this late date I don’t think I can really add to what everyone else has stated about character……so, all of the above. 🙂

    It might have been easier for me to perhaps answer what kind of trope I like best. I do love a wonderfully tender love scene, saving the hotter stuff for after the wedding. And I love when an author explores Darcy’s thoughts and feelings regarding Elizabeth that we don’t get in JA’s P&P. And I especially love the vulnerability he exhibits both in his reactions to her and in his own thoughts. I’ve enjoyed so many different variations regarding timing, situations, (like Rainy Days where Darcy and Elizabeth are forced to tolerate each other’s company and talk to one another gaining insight into one another,) and the increase of other character’s participation. I just can’t get enough!

    AND. I’m sooooo looking forward to a new Lori Lilian book. Yay!!! And YES, I would love a chance to win The Rainbow’s Promise.


    I love reading an honorable, passionate, and not-so-perfect Darcy. The not-so-perfect part makes him seem more real. Thanks for the generous giveaway!


    Please don’t enter me in the giveaway, I already have your gorgeous books, Lory. Just wanted to pop by to say congrats on your great new one, and also say how much I enjoyed reading the comments to your post. Wonderful discussion! But now I’m stuck because there’s no way I could stop at 3 qualities when everyone made such excellent points!! I just have to go for deeply honourable, nearly impenetrable shell over marshmallowy interior (esp where the people he loves are concerned) and head over heels in love with Elizabeth with no hope of ever replacing her in his mind & heart no matter what.
    Oh, and what everybody else said 🙂


    Thank you so much for this insightful article. Alao, please do not enter me in the give away as I already have the ebook. My 3 favorite traits to find in Darcy are his loyalty and protectiveness of those he loves as well as his honor.. 🙂


    I agree with all of the above… integrity, loyalty, & compassionate does resonate the most to me. Congrats on this release! It’s been a while since I’ve read Rainy Days, so I’ll need to do a re-read before reading this one! Thanks for the giveaway!

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