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The Disappearance of Georgiana DarcyA True Gothic Romantic Adventure!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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TYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL: Pride and Prejudice Sequel, Mystery, Adventure

TIME FRAME: Two years after the close of Pride and Prejudice, seven months after the close of Christmas at Pemberley (by Regina Jeffers)

MAIN CHARACTERS: Mr. and Mrs. Darcy, Major General Edward Fitzwilliam, Georgiana Fitzwilliam, George Wickham, Dolina and Domhnall MacBethan



  • Half Adventure/Half Mystery: This novel has just as much action as it does intrigue! When Georgiana is reported missing and presumed dead, everyone comes to Scotland to find her. Darcy and Fitzwilliam are an incredible team together! It is a wonder to see them in action. These two show exemplary strength, perseverance, and intense bravery in this novel! And we mustn’t forget Elizabeth, who is equally quick-witted and courageously runs into the fray to help her husband and save her sister.
  • Macabre Moors and Scottish Secrets: This sequel takes us to Scotland, to a Fitzwilliam estate where Georgiana and Major General Fitzwilliam intend to settle in together. We learn that the moors are dangerous and rumors surround the area of their “unrepentant nature to give up their own.” Was Georgiana taken by these moors? This story took a bit of a dark turn with sordid and sinister doings at Normanna Hall and the MacBethan family. However, I found this part of the story very captivating. Especially when I read in the Historical Notes from the author that this part of the story is based on an old 14th Century Scottish legend. Grim and fascinating!
  • Relationship Development: Besides the action, my favorite part of the story was seeing how relationships between so many of these beloved characters underwent some growth and change. The close sibling bond between Darcy and Georgiana was beautiful – their devotion and happiness with each other is so tenderly displayed in this story. But Darcy needs to adapt to the change in their relationship. Georgiana is married, she isn’t completely under his care any more, and has a husband who must be first in her life. In addition, I loved how both Mrs. Bennet and Lydia had the scales removed from their eyes and began to understand anew the mistakes of their past. It was great to see them finally realize the merits and worthiness of Mr. Darcy and the shortcomings of Mr. Wickham.
  • Introspective Wickham: Can’t believe I’m saying this, but I enjoyed being inside Wickham’s head in this story! It was completely refreshing to see him be honest with himself, admit his past failings, and see those rare moments where he regrets the losing the loyal and steadfast companionship of a childhood friend.


  • Perhaps Too Much Going On: In addition to finding Georgiana and the sinister doings of the MacBethans, this story depicts a wedding at Pemberley, Major General Fitzwilliam’s return from Waterloo, a new business venture for Mr. Darcy, and many flashbacks to events that happened in Pride and Prejudice and Christmas at Pemberley (which are very helpful to those who are reading this book before reading its predecessors). But with all of these components, it did start to feel like there was perhaps too much going on. Especially since the heart of the story – Georgiana’s disappearance – wasn’t introduced to the other characters until page 129. And especially since the main storyline was engrossing and compelling enough on its own.


While this tale might not be every Austenesque reader’s cup of tea, this harrowing tale of Scottish dungeons, mistaken identities, and daring rescues is quite an exhilarating adventure! The action and danger had me mesmerized and my heart swelled to see these adored characters and their close bonds with each other. Well done, Ms. Jeffers!

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This book has been on my TBR for a while. Thanks for the wonderful review Meredith. I love Regina’s stories!


Good morning, my dear. As you liked “Prosecution,” this one will be right up your alley.


I will definitely be adding this to my wish list! Though I may have to make sure I have Christmas at Pemberley first.


Christmas at Pemberley is an “inspirational” offering, but it sets up Georgiana and Colonel Fitzwilliam’s love story.


love the goth and macabre aura


How do 14th Century Scottish cannibals sound? LOL!

Robin Helm

Sounds exactly like the sort of book I like. Regina Jeffers never disappoints.


Good morning, Robin. Happy Easter, my friend.

Robin Helm

Thanks, Regina. My Easter was very different from previous Easters. No egg hunts. No Easter baskets. No cantata. Very restful. I hope you had a Happy Easter, too.


I’ve got several of Regina’s mysteries, including this one, and they’ve all been pretty good so far. As Meredith said, it does help a bit if you’ve read Christmas at Pemberley first and I believe that The Prosecution of Mr. Darcy’s Cousin follows on from this one. That’s still on my Wish List.

Excellent review as always.


I apologize for not realizing this review was up and for not responding early. My computer has been on the mend for some two weeks, even spending several overnights at the Apple Store. Thanks for the lovely review, Meredith. Anji above is correct The Prosecution of Mr. Darcy’s Cousin is next in line, and some of what you noted as “busy” in this story sets up that novel.


BTW, Meredith, in sequence The Mysterious Death of Mr. Darcy comes before both Christmas at Pemberley and The Disappearance of Georgiana Darcy. It follows Darcy’s Temptation.

Sheila L. M.

Here I am late to the conversation…but this has been idling in my periphery vision for quite some time. I do believe that this is the month I will buy it and read it. I love a good mystery especially if a little romance is included. Good review as always, Meredith.

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