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‘Tis the season my friends! Mr. Bingley and I have our home decorated, tree up, and enjoyed some Small Business Saturday shopping this weekend.  And now it is time for one of my favorite posts to do each holiday season,  A Jane Austen-Inspired Holiday Wishlist.

Have some Janeites on your shopping list?

Want a subtle way to hint to your friends and family what you want for Christmas?

Looking for some gift ideas inspired by Jane Austen?  We got you covered…

For the Janeite who enjoys viewing all things Austen – some new Austenesque DVDs were released in 2014

81dXyCLn8fL._SL1500_  lizzie-dvd-1_large  austenland_dvd_raw


For the Janeite who likes to wear her heart…or her love of reading Jane Austen on her sleeve – here are some different threads for you to wear


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For the Janeite who enjoys a warm cuppa

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For the Janeite who enjoys trimming her tree with Jane Austen…

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Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 4.41.10 PM  Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 5.20.23 PM


And now…here are a few of MY Favorite Janeite Things…

il_570xN.597664710_kfna  download il_570xN.554124378_l9h6 (1) jane_austen_tattoos  jane-austen-action-figure   Marrying Mr. Darcy

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Hope this list was helpful!!!  

Let me know what items catch your fancy and I’ll be sure to look for more in my searches!

…Or maybe I’ll choose it as a prize in a future giveaway!!! ;)


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Michelle Hall
Hi Meredith, Just started my Christmas shopping but last year my daughter bought me a lovely cushion with “What Would Life be Without Mr. Darcy”. It is black and white and the words are beautfiully embroidered. Not sure which website she bought it from. I have loads and loads of books on my Christmas list and also a lovely wooden quote with the very first line of the P & P book which you can buy from the Jane Austen Gift Shop in Bath. p.s. Had a fantastic time in Pemberley for my 50th birthday ! X Plus one of… Read more »
Lori Johnston

Thank you so much for the suggestions, Meredith! I would love to get the JA action figure. Maybe a Christmas gift to myself.

What about a subscription to Jane Austen’s Regency World?

Happy Monday!

Abigail Bok

What a pity my sweetie doesn’t read this blog! He could hardly go wrong with any of these selections. Of course, I’m already pretty Austen-togged up–the Jane Austen fountain pen, the action figure of course, a “What would Jane say?” magnet, and, who could doubt, 3 T-shirts reading “Obstinate, Headstrong Girl!”

Sophia Rose

Drooling here! 😉

Stephanie L

Okay, so there are no Janites on my list, except for me. So is it terrible to go through your list saying to myself “ooo I want one of those and one of those…”?? LOL I’m going to have to pace myself!!

Beth Wade

Great picks! I’d get them all for myself. 😉

Carole in Canada

I hear you Stephanie L! It`s the pacing that will be the problem! I`m liking the Jane Austen Action Figure, the Jane Austen Christmas Bauble, Jane Austen postcards, Marrying Mr. Darcy (but I may find it tough to get anyone to play with me!)…see the pacing is a problem, I could go on and on…

Thanks Meredith! I haven`t started decorating yet but I do have a great start in the shopping! Hope to start decorating next week.

Joana Starnes

Thanks, Meredith. What a lovely selection, so many great gift ideas! Trouble is I want them all.
I shall conquer this! I SHALL! 😉


I just added more Jane swag to my Christmas list!!


Seriously LOVE this. Is it too obvious to just send this page to my husband? 😉 Thanks

Amy B.

What cute things you’ve chosen! I especially like the mugs & ornaments. Oh, and the Marrying Mr. Darcy game is so fun! I was blessed to win it in your giveaway recently, so just wanted to thank you again for that after I got to play it. I highly recommend it, too! 🙂


Hi Meredith. Have you tried the Jane Austen inspired soaps yet? I STILL have my eye on them! 🙂


I love the soaps. I just reordered more. I also have a huge scarf collection but I think I have room for one more.


Hi Meredith!
How much I like your wishlist post in Christmas! 🙂 It´s like unwrapping a beautiful gift. Which ones do I love more? Well… everything LOL, ok, If I have to choose they would be: the t-shirts, warm cuppas, wallet, soaps, Marrying Mr Darcy game, Jane Austen post cards (I´m very fond of stationery), the peacock tote and the scarf. Thank you for giving us things to dream about LOL.
P.S: I have to decorate my house… maybe this weekend!

Michelle J.

I watched the first episode f the Lizzie Bennett diaries–it was cute!


Love the gift ideas thank you, I have the dvds and the mug and coaster on my Christmas list! But that wallet looks lovely, I wonder if its too late to add it to my Christmas list or I could just skip the middleman and order it myself 😉

Catherine Commons

This is a very late comment to this post. However, I have to tell you about the most thoughtful gift I received this Christmas. My twelve-year-old granddaughter ordered a tote bag ( I love Mr Darcy) from The Jane Austen Centre in England. How sweet is that???

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