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Austenesque Agenda

Nope, nope, nope…it can’t already be November!?!  What?????  Where did October go?

I don’t know about you but that month felt way too short!  I guess we were keeping pretty busy!  I hope you all are enjoying a nice autumn still!  We have been having some nice warm weather here and with that we had some fun outside with friends and family visits. 🙂

Polaroid CUBE Polaroid CUBEPolaroid CUBE Polaroid CUBE

If you’ve read my updates before, you know what these images are of – our beloved historic downtown Wilmington.  A recent gift from hubby was a new camera – a cute Polaroid Cube (similar to a Go Pro but way cuter!)  We had fun testing the camera and its fish-eye lens out.

1926845_10100933262052566_7086218705001994702_n IMG_5354

We also enjoyed playing the tourist in our town too.  We went on a lovely guided horse and carriage tour with a very funny tour guide who knew a lot about our town and did something a little more adventurous with the segway tour.  Both were a ton of fun!!!

Polaroid CUBE Polaroid CUBE

We also went on an open house tour of one our towns oldest homes where they gave talks about the customs of mourning and funerals during the Victorian Era.  I know, sounds a little morbid…but a very appropriate tour to go on during October.  Learned a lot of interesting practices they had back then…kind of glad we don’t keep some of those practices now! 😉


Want to know what Austenesque fun I’m getting into this month?

…here is what’s on this month’s

Austenesque Agenda:


Remember the Past


The Falmouth Connection  The Madness of Mr. Darcy  To Refine Like Silver


Goodnight Mr. Darcy


The Julie Klassen Edition. As you can see I have a lot of Pride and Prejudice inspired reads planned for this month.  I’d love to mix it up and do something a little different.  I have some unread Julie Klassen novels in my TBR pile, and I thought this would be a good month to read one of them.  As you might remember, I’ve read and reviewed 4 of her other novels throughout the years.  Two I own and haven’t read are The Girl in the Gatehouse and The Maid of Fairbourne Hall.  Which one do you want me to read? (Click on the links to read the synopsis)  To vote, leave a comment below.

The Girl in the Gatehouse  MaidofFairbourneHall_cover.indd


To Refine Like Silver  281061_10152285590925441_1429109194_o

Jeanna Ellsworth – November 10th

Goodnight Mr. Darcy

Kate Coombs – November 17th

Mr. Darcy's Christmas Calendar  Jane Odiwe

Jane Odiwe – November 24th

Looks like I’ve got plenty to keep busy with…how about you?  What are your plans for November?

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Michelle Hall
Hi Meredith Always love it when your monthly agendas pop up. The place where you live looks lovely and you and Mr. Bingley always look to be having good fun. You are quite right, this year has been one of the fastest and quickest years ever! In two weeks’ time it is my 50th birthday and I am off to Pemberley for the weekend. I am actually going to Lyme Park House in Cheshire which I am sure you will know all about. They filmed the outside Pemberley scenes there in 1995 with Colin Firth. There is a hunting lodge… Read more »
Joana Starnes

Have a great time, Michelle 🙂 So happy that you liked the photos, the real thing is going to be such a treat!!! Have a wonderful birthday at Pemberley x

Joana Starnes
What a lovely post! The Polaroid Cube photos are really something! Love the wide angle, a really stunning effect! And the baby-lit book too! Start ’em young, that’s what I always say 😉 ‘The Girl in the Gatehouse’ and ‘The Maid of Fairbourne Hall’ sound so incredibly intriguing!!! You’ll have to read them both, I think. Mystery and romance aplenty in both, judging by the synopsis. Very funny to imagine a society girl working as a maid in the house of the man he rejected. Oh dear! I’m almost tempted to say start with that, but then there’s the other,… Read more »

I’d go with “the maid”. I loved them both however. I just finished rereading “the silent governess”. I loved your photos going around town. It looks like a lot of fun. Your upcoming reads look good also. I know I have two on mine.

Catherine Commons

Lovely pictures! I have to vote for the Maid of Fairbourne Hall after reading the descriptions on amazon. I love that you post your Austenesque Agenda for the upcoming month, plus let your readers vote for one of your reviews.
With the holidays and all, November is pretty busy for everyone in my life. Let me tell you, retirement is not boring for me. I meet myself coming and going! 🙂 I actually have a stack of unread books! Very unusual!
Have a great November, Meredith, and also to all your readers!!

Stephanie L
I’m going to vote for “The Maid…” as well. My November is crammed with a lot of not fun things but I am trying to cram some book centered moments in there too. Looking forward to seeing my sister and her family at Thanksgiving and hoping the weather gets colder before my birthday next week. It’s still pretty warm here as well and I am ready for sweaters and boots and HOT tea. I love summer and cold drinks but by November, I want to bundle up and warm my hands on my cuppa. LOL Looking forward to your reviews,… Read more »
Sophia Rose

That’s neat that you could enjoy your town like that. I go to our local history museum for special things like that Victorian funeral. Hey, its right there and I can support local. So good on you!

Lots of fun visitors coming it seems. I don’t really have a strong opinion either way for your Klassens so I’ll go with the first one ‘The Girl in the Gatehouse’.

Happy November! And yes, October was fast.

Hi Meredith! I think the same: where did october go? Ha ha ha!. Wilmington seems a very pleasant place. I agree with you: there are many things to know in our own places although we think we know everything 🙂 In Madrid the weather has been warm and sweet, a deligthful fall but today autumn has shown its worst face with rain and cold 🙁 Coming to the subject of Julie Klassen, I vote for ” the maid of fairbourne hall”. By the way, the cover of Jane Odiwe’s novel is so charming!, it seems to be part of a… Read more »
Amy B.

Hi, Meredith! Glad you had a good albeit fast-paced October. I will look forward to the Nov. reviews! I’ve read all of Julie klassen’s books. The Maid… was one of my faves and The Girl… was actually one if my least faves, so I would vote for the former. I’d love to hear your thoughts on The Maid… I can’t imagine you not enjoying it. Thanks for the chance to vote. It’s fun to see the outcomes each month!

Sheila L. M.

The Girl in The Gatehouse gets my vote but both sound intriguing. Just too many good books out there! Life gets in the way of reading at times….LOL Michelle – Happy Birthday. What a lovely celebration you have in store. Thanks for the updates, Meredith (Can my Wish List get any longer? Unfortunately – yes.)


Fingers crossed 😉 Let’s hope I can comment!
What an exciting month, Meredith!! 😀 I cannot wait to read your reviews and interviews! I especially look forward to your chat with Jane Odiwe 🙂
As for Julie Klassen novels (I LOVE her, by the way), I vote for “The Maid of Fairbourne Hall”, which I hope to read sometime soon and I’d love to hear your thoughts!!

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