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Sincerely YoursDouble the Darcy, Double the Fun

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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(Note: Potential readers should be made aware that this is the second book in the Yours by Design trilogy and that it is necessary to read book 1, Accidentally Yours, prior to reading this one.)

TYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL: Austen-Inspired, Time Travel, Christian/Inspirational

SETTING: Alternating between Modern-Day (2012) in Georgia, USA and 1795 in England


  • Will Darcy (from the 21st century) is joined by Elizabeth Bennet, Colonel Fitzwilliam, Jane Bennet, Mr. Gardiner, and Mr. Bennet
  • Fitzwilliam Darcy (from the 18th century) is surrounded by Mrs. Thomas, Lance Bingley, Jane Bennet, and Liz Bennet


Two different men living two centuries apart make two similar pleading prayers that result in their switching bodies with each other – think “Freaky Friday” – The Regency Edition. A modern-day man who grew up reading and loving Jane Austen named Will Darcy, finds himself in the body of Fitzwilliam Darcy after his ill-fated Hunsford Proposal. And Fitzwilliam Darcy finds himself in the body of Will Darcy who lives in Georgia in the 21st century.


  • Two Darcys: Need I say more??? Both Darcys are quite different from each other. Will Darcy is very charming and has both the appearance and actuality of “goodness.” His Regency counterpart, Fitzwilliam Darcy, while haughty and arrogant, isn’t the responsible and just Master of Pemberley we all thought he was. The story alternates with each chapter – changing time periods and perspectives – giving readers an equal amount of both Darcy men. 😉
  • Things Are Developing: I loved how this book showed more of each Darcy’s development. They acclimated to their new lives (or are trying to), establishing relationships with the people who surround them, and pursued their hearts’ desires. Will is occupied taking care of a bad investment his Regency counterpart made and admitting his errors in judgment to Charles Bingley. And Fitzwilliam Darcy is busy with his physical therapy work and learning how to live in the 21st century.
  • I Like Fitzwilliam Darcy Again!: In Accidentally Yours,I found the Regency Darcy to be very unlikable and I was disappointed in some of the things he said and thought. Well, while that is his character make-up at the start of this series, I’m happy to see a gentle transformation starting to take place. His eyes, mind, and heart have been opened and he is truly desiring to change himself and make others happy and proud. I liked seeing Fitzwilliam “Fitz” Darcy’s interactions with his new companions and witnessing the many lessons he has to learn daily about modern society and customs. It kind of reminded me of Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory a few times with how he needed to have so many things explained!


    I had to make a meme for this!

  • Cute Fitz Moments: Some of my favorite moments in this story are when Fitz (Regency Darcy) does something adorable. In this installment we see him become better friends with his physical therapist/live-in nurse Lance and witness his introduction and first encounters with Liz Bennet. Without spoiling anything I’ll say my favorite scenes were the golf cart incident, Liz’s contraction challenge, and when Fitz experiences confusion over our modern expressions. So many LOLs!


  • I’m Not Into “Pictures of Perfections”: I’ve said this numerous times before, but I just don’t like it when a character is nearly perfect, faultless and flawless, or has nothing to overcome. At this point, I find myself loving the Fitzwilliam Darcy parts of this story more than Will Darcy because he is flawed character learning to be a better man. Will and Elizabeth, on the other hand, are seemingly perfect people with very little to mar their happiness or block their paths.


As you can see, I’m definitely more a fan of this series now than I was after reading the first book! With so many loose threads, this installment definitely left me hanging. I’m eagerly anticipating the third book, Forever Yours, which I hear is coming out soon! Can’t wait to see what happens with these Darcys and their Elizabeths!

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Because she is awesome, Robin Helm has offered two lovely copies of her newly released novel, Sincerely Yours: Yours By Design, Book 2 (1 paperback and 1 ebook), for me to giveaway to TWO lucky winners!

Sincerely Yours  Sincerely Yours

To enter this giveaway, leave a comment about my review.

  • The giveaway of the ebook is open worldwide, the giveaway of the paperback is open to US residents.  Thank you, Robin!
  • This giveaway ends October 27th!
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Monica P

Yay! This is such a fun series. I think a lot of people will be surprised how much they like Fitz as the time goes on and he adapts more and more to modern life. He and modern Lizzy definitely have more flaws and baggage to work through than the other two. It is really amusing to read his inner thoughts about the meaning of modern expressions like ‘going viral’. hehe


Great review. I love reading about a flawed character. Seeing them change through the story and learn from their mistakes so that they can find their happy ending is what makes it interesting. Can’t wait to read this one!


Two Darcy’s? How can it get any better? It would be interesting to see the regency Darcy adapt to modern day convenance and language.

I agree with you about characters having some flaw and improving throughout the story! It gives it a different dimension to it.

Since its a series, I don’t think I can hold off on the suspense until the series is complete, but look forward to reading it!

Raquel M.

I love time travel stories. Thanks for the giveaway!

Lilyane Soltz

Time travel and two (TWO!) Darcy’s – say no more, I’m on board with this one.

Thanks for your review and for the opportunity to win a copy. Hard to do what needs to be done with my fingers crossed all the time, but I’ll manage………

Michelle J.

This sounds great. I’ll have to see if my library has the first one!

I read Volume 1, so I was not too sure about Volume 2. I did like the 18th century Darcy so much better because he was not a perfect prig as well as a number of expletive deleteds that the 21st century Darcy was. I don’t tolerate extremist religious novels well, which for me Volume 1 was. I know there is an audience out there, I’m just not part of it. However, I really don’t mind well informed novels that have some religiosity in them. (I have taken college course work in religion and theology and I read in those… Read more »
Sophia Rose

I need to get caught up and read book one. I like the sound of this series. Glad it was a good one!

Eva E

Yes, bring both of the Darcy’s on!!!!! I loved Robin’s “Guardian” trilogy series and look forward to reading this new series. I have not read Vol 1 but certainly will purchase it if I am selected for Vol. 2. Thank you for the giveaway.

Robin Helm

I’m so glad you enjoyed The Guardian Trilogy, Eva. The religious content is much stronger in those books, so if that didn’t bother you, your should like this series as well.

The only thing I didn’t enjoy about book 1 in this series were the religious aspects, as I’d probably be regarded as borderline agnostic nowadays. Setting that aside though, I rather enjoyed everything else about it. Book 2 sounds like it might be even better and I read somewhere that the relgious aspect isn’t as much “in your face” in this one. It was fun reading about the two Darcys starting to adjust to their new worlds and customs. Sounds like the transformation of Darcy that we see in the original is beginning to happen with him here, too. Thanks… Read more »
Robin Helm
Hi, Anji. I’ve been reading quite a bit of fantasy and paranormal YA lately. Many of them have some sort of “religious” system in order for their plot to work. The system provides a framework for how their “powers” are used or limited. My “system” is Christianity. I hoped that people who weren’t Christians would be able to see it in that context. I’m happy to hear that you were able to do that. I’m rewriting The Guardian Trilogy from Xander’s point of view, strong first person, and I hope to make the religious aspect of that series more like… Read more »
Monica P

Ooh, interesting!


Time travel. What a delightful giveaway. Many thanks.


Sincerely Yours sounds like a real treasure. Very intriguing.

MaryAnn Nagy

I am up to both Darcys and look forward to reading it. Thank you for the chance to win as I am a great collector of books and have book cases full of Pride and Prejudice variations.

Sheila L. M.
Robin Helm is one of the reasons I am liking the time travel genre more and more. I read her Guardian Trilogy plus the first two books in this series and am eagerly awaiting the third in the series…but I understood it was not to be released until January. (I posted reviews for all.) I was surprised that you didn’t mention the Christianity aspect here as I know some people in their reviews on Amazon are very strong in their opinions as to having that belief added to this or any other genre. I am a Christian and I do… Read more »
Robin Helm

Thanks for your reviews, Sheila. They are much appreciated.


Now that I’ve read your review I need to go out and get the first book as well!

Robin Helm
Thank you for reviewing Sincerely Yours, Meredith. I’ve enjoyed reading your comments as well as the other comments on here. The religious aspect was very strong in the first book in order to set up the story and make a contrast between the two men. The main premise of the series was that Darcy didn’t really change between Hunsford and the second proposal – he was a different man altogether. Once I established that in the first book, there was no need to make religion a main aspect of the story. Sincerely Yours and Forever Yours (the third book –… Read more »

I am excited for this giveaway!!!
thank you!!!


I love your Sheldon meme Meredith! I frequently feel the same way as Sheldon and Darcy in social situations 🙂 I found your comment about Pictures of Perfections interesting. I’m impossible to please sometimes – if the character is too perfect I don’t like it but I also don’t like it when favorite characters like Elizabeth or Darcy are represented as too imperfect! I think for me the characters must have a few imperfections but they have to be “tolerable” imperfections. Endearing faults only please!

Robin Helm

Great comments, Brenda. I laughed at your “endearing faults only” comment. I will only add that the faults, in my opinion, should be within the parameters of the original characters as Austen wrote them.



sounds fascinating


I read the first book and absolutely loved it!! So excited that the second is here and the third is on the way. Thanks for the giveaway:)

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