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Keeping Secrets and Uncovering the Truth

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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TYPE OF NOVEL: Historical Romance, Regency Romance


MAIN CHARACTERS: Olivia Keene, Edward Bradley, Judith Howe, Lord Brightwell, Mr. Croome, Simon Keene, and Dorothea Keene


  • I love reading novels about governesses (especially if there is romance involved!) Jane Eyre is one of my all-time favorite novels. My great-grandmother was a governess.


Forced to leave her home without any notice, Olivia Keene makes her way to a girls school a few towns away to seek employment. Waylaid by mishaps and misfortunes, Olivia ends up on an earl’s estate, temporarily unable to talk (due to damaged vocal chords), forced to work as an under nurse, and inadvertently aware of a very damaging secret…


  • Incredibly Readable: I loved how this book consumed me! It was excessively well-written and the story unraveled in such a way that I felt compelled to read more and more. Not at all easy to put down, I snatched every spare moment I had to read another chapter. (Finished it in 2 days)
  • Embroiled With Secrets: Everybody has a secret in this novel. While we are privy to some secrets, like why Olivia ran away from home and what is the truth about Lord Bradley, we don’t know what became of Olivia’s parents, what connection Olivia’s mother has with Brightwell Court, or who is sending Lord Bradley these threatening notes…
  • The Hero and Heroine: Once again, Julie Klassen creates a splendidly admirable heroine; Olivia is gentle, brave, caring, intelligent, and compassionate. I loved seeing her affectionate interactions with the children under her care. Lord Bradley is a complex character. He is untrusting, hard, changeable, and unhappy, yet at the same time he is generous, playful, and fond of children. It was such a delight to witness these two together and see the moments were their hearts begin to soften towards one another.
  • Unpredictable: I thought I was so smart! I thought I had it all figured out, solved the puzzles, guessed the secrets…and…I was wrong! I love that I was wrong. I love that this story had a couple of unexpected twists and a surprising outcome.
  • Factual Fiction: You can just tell that these novels by Julie Klassen are impeccably researched. Ms. Klassen’s portrayal of the governess’s plight is sympathetic and illuminating. The loneliness, the lack of appreciation, the tenuous feeling of security governesses experience are all superbly illustrated in this novel.


  • Can’t think of a thing… 😉


A mesmerizingly beautiful tale with an abundance of intrigue and romance! Julie Klassen adroitly weaves together a story that immerses the reader and transports them to a bygone world of manor houses, governesses, and birthrights.

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This sounds so good! If a review causes you to do this punctuation… then I know it’s intriguing and I want to try. It’s on my mahoosive wish list, but I’ll have to try and bump it up a bit. There are so many historical stories that have errors in, so nice to see that this one seems to be well-researched as well as have a good story.

Valerie R.

Oh my!! Looks like I’m going to be adding another book to my to-read pile…. Umm… errr…. list…. my “to-read” list!! 😉 LOL


Julie Klassen is one of my all-time favourite authors so I am thrilled to see that you loved it! I hope you pick up more of her books as they are all great reads.


Looking up on Amazon now…Thanks for great recommendation!


The plot seems very intriguing. I love this mysterious atmosphere 😮
Your review is very helpful, thanks Meredith!
Pd: love the cover:)


I am so glad you loved this book as well. It was the first Klassen I read and the others followed suit shortly thereafter. This one however is my favorite and it needs to be reread after your lovely review.

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