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Pride and Prejudice is celebrating its 200th anniversary!!!  Let the festivities and jubilation begin!

Laurel Ann, blog mistress of Austenprose is commemorating this event with a yearlong reading challenge called The Pride and Prejudice Bicentenary Challenge.

Readers, bloggers, and all are welcome to participate by reading or watching ANY Pride and Prejudice  adaptation, sequel, retelling, variation, modern adaptation, parody, alternate path, prequel, or mash-up they’d like, sharing their thoughts via blog, goodreads, or comment, and partaking in all the fun posts and giveaways all year long @ Austenprose!

I am totally on board for this celebration!  I can think of NO better way to celebrate the bicentennial of Pride and Prejudice than to spend the year reading lots and lots of Pride and Prejudice inspired novels…

umm…wait a minute…that’s what I do every year…

LOL!  At least I know this is a challenge I will be able to finish!  No incompletes here! 😀

But to make it a little more interesting, I’m going to make a personal goal to read 30 Pride and Prejudice inspired novels this year (half of my yearly goal which is 60)!


 What will my 30 books be???

Here are some that are sitting in my enormous TBR pile right now!

(told you my TBR was huge!)

 Here are some upcoming releases that I am eagerly waiting for:

Attempting Elizabeth – Jessica Grey

Discovering Darcy – Juliet Archer

Loving Miss Darcy – Nancy Kelley

Return to Longbourn – Shannon Winslow

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  15 Responses to “The Pride and Prejudice Bicentenary Challenge 2013!!!”


    I’m planning to do this, too. As I told Jakki, I would be doing it anyway! lol


    You’ve got some really great books in that TBR pile! I love this challenge but I’m not going to take it because I’m starting my first year of college (at 39 yo…*banging head on desk*)and should PROBABLY be focusing on textbooks and not lovely Austenesque books. However, I do intend to spell my educational boredom with some new Austen that I’m really looking forward to including Sharon Lathan’s Dr. Darcy and Alyssa Goodnight’s Austensibily Ordinary.


      That’s so exciting, Stephanie! Good for you! Yes, my novel reading definitely took a hit my first two years of college! You picked two great reads to break up the school work with! Wishing you all the best!


    Great list! I’ve read (and loved!) a few on your TBR list. Can’t wait to read what you think of Assumed Engagement… I keep waffling on buying that and another Kara Louise novel.


      Thank you, Nicole! It is an ambitious, for sure! Some of these poor books have been waiting 1-2 years to be read! I was waffling about Assumed Engagement to (not because I don’t love Kara Louise, but because the book was just a little too pricey). I got it for Christmas so I’m very excited to read that one!


    I’m taking the challenge too. I signed up for a low number because I’m doing a few other reading challenges as well. I know I’ll achieve the goal and then some. I have about fifteen P&P related books on my TBR pile that will do well for this challenge.

    Good luck! I haven’t read several that you have in that pile so I look forward to reading your reviews.


      Woot woot! Good luck in all your challenges, Sophia Rose! I think they are a lot of fun!

      15? That’s a great amount! I’ll be looking forward to your reviews as well!


    I read 38 books last year. I also started a lot that I didn’t finish. I read in some and intended to go back. That’s what they call book O.C.D. Then again, when I get a new book I feel like reading it even though I’m into other books. I don’t think I could read 60 books in a year. I zipped through some of the Agatha Christies in maybe three or four days when I was in my early teens. Mostly I read cozy and historical mysteries and some Austen sequels, of course! That’s why I’m here.

    This year I might read another Abigail Reynolds book. I’ll probably get one from the library. Not sure what other Austen writers I’ll be reading.

    I have Letters to Pemberley and Mr. Darcy, Vampyre but haven’t read them yet. I liked the Kara Louise book that I read (Only Mr. Darcy Will Do).


    Thanks for sharing your selections, there are several on there that I hadn’t heard of! I’ve signed up too…

    My problem is to read something other than JA fan fiction or historical romances!


    Those are some great choices, Michelle! I hope to read some more Abigail Reynolds books this year – I only had time to read one last year! And I am interested in reading Letters to Pemberley and Mr. Darcy, Vampyre since I’ve never read either of those! We should definitely compare notes at the end of the year! 🙂


    Yay! I’m looking forward to seeing what you read, June! There is nothing I love more than discussing Austenesque novels!

    I can’t seem to read anything else (not complaining) there is so much JAFF and Austenesque I WANT to read, I haven’t got time to look elsewhere!

    Am hoping to squeeze in a reread of The Great Gatsby though – saw a preview of the movie, it looks incredible!


    I couldn’t resist this challenge either. I really liked A Match for Mary Bennet. Looking forward to the new Regina Jeffers and Maria Grace books!


    Hi Meredith!. For this 2013 challenge I ‘ m going to read “These three remain” that is the third part of the trilogy “Fitzwilliam Darcy, a gentleman” by Pamela Aidan. This trilogy is really delightful!. Poor Darcy, he can’ t stop thinking about Lizzy!. And there’ s a book by Julia Barrett ” Presumption” where Giorgiana Darcy is the main character. I read it a few years ago and I really enjoyed it. Maybe I’ ll go back to it to remember her beautiful story.


    some great loooking books I’ve just signed up for the challenge. I love abigail reynolds I’ve read them all


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