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January 1st, 2011 – December 31st, 2011

Hosted by Laurel Ann of Austenprose

2011 – New Year, New Challenges!  Fellow Austen blogger, Laurel Ann Nattress is hosting not one, but TWO Jane Austen Related Challenges! I had a fantastic time participating in Stephanie’s Everything Austen Challenge II, and I think I’m ready for more!  How about you?

The Being a Jane Austen Mystery Challenge 2011 is in celebration of Stephanie Barron’s Being a Jane Austen Mystery Series.  If you have not encountered this series, it is wonderful blend of Jane Austen and the Mystery Genre; I recommend you give it a try!  In this series, Jane Austen, in between omposing her novels and visiting her friends, becomes a Regency sleuth that frequently gets caught up in mishaps and mayhem!


Being a Jane Austen Mystery Series:

I am going to enter this challenge as a Neophyte (1-4 novels).  I don’t want to overestimate myself, but perhaps I will be able to accomplish more than 3 novels!  Click HERE to view The Being a Jane Austen Mystery Challenge 2011 Page @ Austeprose.

My Being a Jane Austen Mystery Challenge 2011 List

*If your curious about the randomness of my selection, I’d be happy to explain.  I just got a copy of Jane and the Madness of Lord Byron, and with such title and character, I definitely want to read it!  I reviewed the first book in the series, Jane and the Unpleasantness of Scargrave Manor last year.  I didn’t want to do repeat post, so I decided to continue with the second and third of the series.  I may later add Ms. Barron’s latest installment in this series, Jane and the Canterbury Tale, when I know more about it and when it is relesed in September.

I look forward to reading everyone’s reviews and I hope you will join me in this year-long celebration of the Being a Jane Austen Mystery Series!!!

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  3 Responses to “Being a Jane Austen Mystery Challenge 2011”


    Thanks for the shout out Meredith. I am glad you are joining the challenge. I look forward to your reviews.


    These are terrific books! I met the author when she came to San Antonio a couple years ago. I’ve read the first nine books and have the tenth one right now.

    Kristi Holl
    Writer’s First Aid blog


    The tenth book was a lot of fun with Lord Byron. How cool that you met the author!

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