Jan 182017

Hi readers! I’m so excited to welcome author Elizabeth Adams to Austenesque Reviews today!!  I’ve been a long time admirer of her work (see here and here), but this is the first time she has ever been a guest on my blog!  Elizabeth is here sharing about her newest release – Meryton Vignettes (which I will be reading and reviewing next month!) and her new audio books for The Houseguest and Unwilling!

This has been a busy winter!

My first book, The Houseguest, is now an audio book, as is my more recent novel, Unwilling. Just as those two were coming out, I released a collection of short stories called Meryton Vignettes.

Making audio books was a really fun experience (the auditions may have been my favorite part) and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. Both my narrators were amazing to work with and so talented, and I’m thrilled with the response they’ve gotten.


The short story collection focuses primarily on secondary characters, though two stories are from Elizabeth’s point of view. If you really use your imagination, all but one of them could be inserted in the original P&P at some point, though it might be a little far-fetched. Continue reading »

Jan 162017

Finding Love in the Middle of a War Zone

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author

In her second Austenesque release, author Ginger Monette transports readers to battlefields and field hospitals of The Great War in a touching and emotionally turbulent retelling of Pride and Prejudice. A retelling that is two volumes in length – Darcy’s Hope: Beauty From Ashes and Darcy’s Hope At Donwell Abbey. In this series readers will meet Captain Fitzwilliam Darcy, who, after being rejected by the woman he loves and barely surviving the horrors of the Somme, has built some walls around his heart and has adopted a stone-cold disposition. And the woman who broke his heart is none other than Elizabeth Bennet, a Voluntary Aide Detachment nurse assistant who dreams of one day becoming a doctor and bears a burning resentment for Captain Darcy whom she blames for much of the tragedy and loss her family has faced. Continue reading »

Jan 132017


Hello, dear readers!  I am very excited to welcome author Amy D’Orazio to Austenesque Reviews today! Amy is a brand new author to me and I’ve yet to read her lovely new book, The Best Part of Love, but I already know she is awesome because she fell in love with a Mr. Bingley too! 😉 Amy is here to share an enticing scene that was especially written for this blog post!  So even if you have already read this book (and I know some of you definitely have!) this may be something new for you to enjoy!

The following vignette is an original creation for the readers of Austenesque Reviews.  It is a part of the story which takes place “off-screen” so to speak.

Caution. Although I have purposefully used vague language in this vignette, there could be some information inferred which would be seen as a spoiler. It will in no way harm your enjoyment of the story or ruin the mystery for you but if you are a reader who doesn’t like to know anything, you might prefer to come back after you read the book!

Elizabeth Finishes Reading Henry’s Journals

When Elizabeth finished reading the world looked different.

At some point in the course of her perusing, her hand had risen and was pressed to her throat. With some effort she lowered it to her lap. Unbidden, Elizabeth’s eyes fell again to the journal on the desk in front of her.

Hanley believed it could not be done but I dare say I shall prevail. I saw her even today, my wife — though she does not yet know how perfectly suited she is. A lady but not one accustomed to higher society, or so I do believe. I shall have my man learn what he can of her but she is young. I doubt she knows anything of the world in which I live.  Continue reading »