May 302016


Wowza!!  This was an exciting month of new releases!!  I’m quite beside myself with excitement, I best get reading so I can read them all!  Here is a list of all the Austenesque books published this past month!

*This list will be updated in the next couple of days as amazon sometimes takes a day or two to show newly added releases in search results…

**This is a list of books published, not my personal recommendations.

(Some of these books are for Mature Audiences only, make sure you read all book descriptions carefully before purchasing!)


Austenesque Novel Finds – May 2016

Another Life Darcy & Lizzy Darcy by Any other Name Darcy Chooses Darcy to the Rescue

Another Life: A Pride and Prejudice Variation/Modernization by Oliver Berry

Darcy and Lizzy: A Pride and Prejudice Modern Romance by April Floyd

Darcy By Any Other Name by Laura Hile

Darcy Chooses – A Pride and Prejudice Variation (The Complete Novel) by Ginna Thomas

Darcy to the Rescue: A Pride and Prejudice Variation Novella by Martine J. Roberts Continue reading »

May 272016

Alone with Mr. DarcyWhat If Saving Mr. Darcy’s Life Ruined Your Reputation?

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Source: Gift from Brother <3

TYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL: Pride and Prejudice Variation

TIME FRAME: Several weeks after the Netherfield Ball

SYNOPSIS: While walking home from Charlotte’s wedding Lizzy finds Mr. Darcy fallen from his horse and injured, just as a snow blizzard is beginning. They seek shelter from the storm in an empty tenant’s cottage and are trapped there for two days. Darcy knows Elizabeth is compromised by their being alone together for two days and nights and happily offers marriage to protect her reputation but also secure his heart’s secret desire, but Elizabeth is convinced no one will find out they were alone together, and she doesn’t want Darcy to sacrifice himself just because he feels honor-bound to do so… Continue reading »

May 252016


Hi dear readers!  I’m very excited to extend a very special welcome to author Brenda Webb to Austenesque Reviews today!  Many of you may already know of Brenda’s lovely collection of published books, but I myself only experienced the joy of reading her stories less than a year ago when I picked up her turbulent and gripping adventure in Fitzwilliam Darcy: An Honorable Man.  I cannot wait to read more her works and am delighted to share with you this tempting excerpt of her latest release Darcy and Elizabeth – A Promise Kept!

Blurb for Darcy and Elizabeth – A Promise KeptBrenda Webb

Five years after his disastrous proposal at Kent, Fitzwilliam Darcy receives a letter from Charles Bingley regarding a promise made when their friendship ended. Should Darcy keep the promise, it will throw him into the company of the one woman he has struggled for years to forget—Elizabeth Bennet.

Having just entered a secret agreement with Lady Markham, will Darcy put his future in jeopardy by stepping in to help Bingley? Has time and distance helped him overcome his regard for Elizabeth, or will he fall as madly in love with her as before?

Is true love to be found in a promise kept? Continue reading »