Oct 242016

pride-prejudice-and-secretsWhat If Elizabeth Bennet Is Ill When Mr. Darcy Proposes?

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Source: Gift from Editor

Elizabeth Bennet prides herself on her robust constitution and ability to never succumb to illness. But while visiting her friend Charlotte, the unthinkable happens and Lizzy finds herself feeling most unwell. Instead of staying in bed and calling for the apothecary, Lizzy ventures downstairs and receives a visit from a concerned and solicitous Mr. Darcy who anxiously seizes the opportunity to propose marriage. Feeling feverish, foggy, and weak Lizzy doesn’t exactly have her wits together and her absent-minded nod to his query is taken as acceptance!  Elizabeth knows she must find a way to undo this massive misunderstanding. But is it already too late…? Continue reading »

Oct 212016

Holidays with Jane Trick or SweetFall Into the Season with Festive Austenesque Stories

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Authors

If you haven’t heard of Holidays with Jane, it is an anthology series of Austen-inspired holiday-themed short stories. There are six stories in each anthology (one for each Jane Austen novel) and each story takes place in present-day. The lovely ladies who collaborate on these anthologies have published four anthologies so far (Christmas Cheer, Spring Fever, Trick or Sweet, Summer of Love) and have a new one scheduled to release soon – Thankful Hearts). In this collection we see Halloween-themed parties and dances, fall festivals, and bit of magic…

I hope you find this breakdown helpful!

MUST BE MAGIC – Kimberly Truesdale

The Premise: As soon as Anne’s family puts their beloved home on the market, two people return to town – the man who Anne broke up with eight years ago and someone intent on finding the powerful talisman hidden in Anne’s home…

What I Loved: That this story infused a bit of magic into Persuasion! I liked how Anne’s reason for breaking up with Fareed (Captain Wentworth) wasn’t due to persuasion, but more to do with her wanting to learn about herself and her gifts. I loved all the talk of spells and seeing what Anne did with her magic as well as the trip to the apple farm and Halloween party. Continue reading »

Oct 192016


Hi readers!  I’m so excited to welcome author Jessica Grey to Austenesque Reviews today!  Jessica is one of the fabulous authors in the Holidays with Jane series and I’ve been a big fan of hers since reading her first Austen-Inspired book, Attempting Elizabeth!  Today Jessica Grey is here to talk about coffee! 😉  No, actually she is here to talk about Mansfield Perk, this amazing-sounding coffee place I desperately wish was real!

Hello! Happy Almost Halloween! Firstly, let me say a huge thanks to Meredith for having authorme here to guest post about Holidays with Jane: Trick or Sweet! My name is Jessica Grey and I am one of the authors involved in the Holidays with Jane anthology series. Holidays with Jane is a series of six holiday inspired collections. Each collection includes modern adaptations of all six of Jane Austen’s main novels by six different authors. Holidays with Jane: Trick or Sweet is our Halloween collection and we had tons fun incorporating costumes and candy into our reworking of Austen’s stories. Continue reading »